KaVo Smart Series

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A smart mind knows the difference

High ambitions need a solid foundation. The KaVo Smart Series lays the perfect basis.

  • Enter the world of KaVo prices you can afford
  • Play it safe with all basic features
    with sufficient turbine performance and high safety standards
  • Experience KaVo quality
    with superior production standards and the use of high-grade materials

The ideal introduction to the KaVo world of quality, at an unbeatable price.

Special benefits

The instruments of the KaVo Smart Series provide excellent basic features with KaVo quality at entry level prices.
The high torque of the turbines of up to 16 Watt and KaVo safety standards, such as, e.g., up to 30 N chuck retention force, ensure swift and safe working.

The fine-tuning of the instruments to each step of cavity preparation as well as the high-quality workmanship are persuasive arguments in combination with the high quality that has made KaVo the world-wide market leader.

Each of these instruments includes 100 years of KaVo experience.
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