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KaVo 3D eXam revolutionises dental radiology

This technology allows the most precise treatment planning available in the fields of implantology, surgery, orthodontics and preservative dentistry. Perfectly matching the needs of the dentist and patient.

In-office, three-dimensional imaging – quick, easy, and cost efficient

The KaVo 3D eXam cone beam 3D dental imaging system provides high-definition, in-office, three-dimensional, digital imaging at reduced cost and less radiation to the patient than traditional CT scans. Intuitive software allows for quicker and easier image acquisition. Its tiny footprint and ergonomic design allow placement of the unit even when space comes at a high premium. Based on decades of experience of the market leader and hundreds of i-CAT installations, KaVo 3D eXam allows practices to extend their service offerings and enhance overall delivery of care. Sophisticated technology, which in its third generation, sets the gold standard again.

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Most advanced 3D technology delivers highest quality imaging

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The KaVo 3D eXam’s design incorporates state of the art digital imaging technology in a unit that makes economic sense, while meeting the high standards of imaging required by today’s most demanding practitioners.

The use of an advanced amorphous silicon flat panel image sensor reduces the overall sizes of the unit while delivering a higher image quality and resolution.

Provides a full range of diagnostic services

KaVo 3D eXam’s volumetric imaging system provides dentists and specialists complete views of all oral and maxillofacial structures, giving the dental professional the most thorough diagnostic information possible for a variety of treatment areas, which allows for more accurate treatment planning and more predictable treatment outcomes.

Main advantages of the KaVo 3D eXam

  1. Compact unit delivery optimal image quality
  2. State-of-the-art sensor technology based on amorphous silicon
  3. Fastest scan time (8.5 second standard)
  4. Large image format and recording volume up to 23 x 17 cm
  5. Adjustable beam limitation for large and small formar images
  6. High resolution scanning for images
  7. Rapid image reconstruction in less than 1 minute
  8. Digital output on CD or high quality report printout allow the communication of image data of excellent clarity and precision
  9. Motor-driven chair
  10. Easy to operate, remote control of all essential functions



Dental-Imaging-Dental-X-ray|Digital-Volume-Tomography-3D-CBCT|KaVo-3D-eXam in2guide-bohrschablonen-CTA - KaVo DentalAre you aiming for a designable aesthetic and functional implantation result? 3-D X-ray systems, 3-D planning, and drilling templates provide you with ideal prerequisites for this purpose and give you the needed safety. For more details, check out our webinar titled "3-D X-rays - Use profitably and implant safely with "Guided Surgery"".
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