Dental Products

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Dental Instruments

The best fitting dental instruments for everyone: KaVo Master Series, KaVo Expert Series and KaVo Smart Series. 
The sub-division of the KaVo dental instruments portfolio for true masters and real experts. Look forward to the clearly arranged and easily comprehensible structure of our dental instruments portfolio.

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Dental practice equipment

KaVo offers a wide variety of equipment including dental chairs, dental units and dentist stools, operating lights, dental multimedia systems, dental microscopes and further accessories for dental units and dentist chairs.

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Dental X-Ray and diagnostics

The KaVo Dental X-Ray Portfolio includes world famous brands such as Gendex and Instrumentarium, offering you the best solution for your digital practice. See our dental x-ray devices including 2D Panoramic / OPG, 3D / CBCT, Imaging Plate Systems and Sensors or intraoral cameras below.

Chairside-ARCTICA-Engine Chairside CAD/CAM


Erstellen Sie mit dem Dental CAD/CAM System KaVo ARCTICA hoch ästhetische, naturidentische & langlebige Restaurationen.

Das KaVo ARCTICA Dental CAD/CAM System ist für Zahnärzte und Zahntechniker passend und besteht aus folgenden Komponenten:

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Dental Laboratory

Everything you need for your dental lab in one place. KaVo excellence: the partner for your dental laboratory. Lab handpieces, dental equipment, dust extraction systems, articulators, facebows, function diagnostics and much more.

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Dental education

The KaVo preclinical education portfolio is extremely versatile and effective. From cast tooth through dental simulation units to entire multimedia training islands, KaVo is a leading equipper for universities worldwide.

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Accessories & Upgrades

Retain and improve the performance of your treatment unit with performance products. Add value to your practice.

  • PROTECT +: Protect yourself, your patients, your team and your KaVo treatment unit.
  • UPGRADE +: To optimise, refurbish and expand your treatment unit.