Mini Turbine GENTLEmini LUX 5000 B

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The compact and powerful mini turbine from KaVo

As an ideal addition to the GENTLEsilence 8000, KaVo offers the GENTLEmini 5000 mini turbine. This miniature turbine combines the advantages of the GENTLEsilence 8000 with a smaller head design. The miniature head of the GENTLEmini 5000 with a 100° head angle, a diameter of only 10.8 mm and height of 12.1 mm offers optimum visualisation and hence the right conditions for unhindered work even when space is very restricted.

The smaller head height allows for superior range of visibility

Mini Turbine KaVo GENTLEmini LUX 5000 B Dental-Instruments|Dental-Turbines|GENTLEmini 5000_B - KaVo Dental
Main features of the mini turbine KaVo GENTLEmini LUX 5000 B:
  • Head height, head diameter and patented 100° head angle – Everything is optimized for superior visibility and unhindered work, even when access is restricted
  • 17 W output offers a highly effective, powerful performance without compromise
  • Maximum security that you can rely on – the KaVo chucking system with a strong 29 N grip
  • As strong and gentle as the GENTLEsilence: Quiet, vibration-free operation at only 59dB (A) ) for pleasant and relaxed work
  • Quality that pays – the KaVo original ceramic ball bearings ensure a long service life due to proven technology

For children and seniors treatment

Dental-Instruments|Dental-Turbines|GENTLEmini senior_kind - KaVo DentalThe mini turbine GENTLEmini is ideal when preparation conditions are restricted principally in the molar region or when treating patients with smaller mouths. The miniature head offers optimised visibility and hence the right conditions for unhindered work even when space is restricted. The GENTLEmini LUX mini turbine with its smaller head dimensions can substantially improve treatment results.

This mini turbine with small head leaves more room to work and optimum access!

Compact and Powerful – The mini turbine KaVo GENTLEmini is the ideal addition to your instrument set.



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