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Dental articulators from KaVo

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The innovative evolution of dental articulators is called KaVo PROTARevo, which sets standards in the market. Our designers have further developed KaVo’s typical, striking use of shapes and optimised functionality to a high

The result are dental articulators, which by their noble design and colouring
hygiene and value, communicate almost by themselves.

Be inspired by the extra values of dental articulator KaVo PROTARevo

  • perfect precision
  • cost effectiveness
  • convincing presentation of your prosthetic work to the patient
  • superior handling

Features of the dental articulator KaVo PROTARevo

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  • Light, hygienic metal surface.
  • Smooth surface with fewer corners and edges for easy cleaning.
  • Lower weight through new production process of these dental articulators.
  • Larger scale for inclination of joint path and hence more precise programming.
  • Magnetic fastening of the model even without split cast.

KaVo PROTARevo - first choice of dental articulators.

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