Dental Practice Equipment from KaVo

Features of the KaVo dental practice equipment

  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Easy to operate
  • Wide range of dental equipment - everything from one supplier
  • Maximum patient comfort
  • Proven KaVo hygiene concept
  • Modern multimedia systems

The following should be noted when equipping a two- or three-chair dental equipment

  • Experience with existing dental equipment should be assessed, expediently modified and if necessary changed.
  • Position of the treatment units (entry and exit), also of the operating light.
  • Position of further dental equipment like cabinets, wash basins, etc.
  • Distance between treatment unit and dental equipment.
  • Highly central position of the sterilising room.
  • It should also be noted that, when multimedia components are to be added later on to the dental equipment, appropriate measures should be taken beforehand to facilitate subsequent networking.

KaVo - Your Expert in Dental Equipment.


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