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KaVo Top Tips for Treatment Unit Purchases

KaVo has developed a list of tests, checks and recommendations to consider when embarking on the decision for a new treatment unit.

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5 Do's & 5 Don'ts in Implant Diagnostics

Read our Checklist on the Top 5 Do´s & Don´ts in Implant Diagnostics!


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New 1058 Life E-Book!

Discover the new Primus 1058 Life from the perspectives of the design, development and production team and learn how the new features can bring benefits to you, your patients and your practice.

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Experience the new KaVo in North America

KaVo is selling dental chairs all over the world – now also in North America. Dr. Emilie Joliceur owns two dental offices in Canada and has already bought the ESTETICA E80 Vision. See why she selected this dental chair.

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KaVo SMARTmatic Made in Germany

KaVo SMARTmatic - Quality, made in Germany

The new SMARTmatic series unites the legendary, Made in Germany KaVo quality with smart features for optimal ease of use and clinical excellence.

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The new KaVo Dental Blog

On this blog, we write about topics, which relate to the entire dental life like exciting events and webinars, new product innovations, tips and tricks on how to improve your dental business, and much more. Have fun and enjoy!

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With a thriving record of over 100 years of unprecedented innovation, KaVo dental is the foremost international leader in the dental industry. Our company’s reputation is preceded by an impressive history with more than 2,000 patents and a continually expanding worldwide market base fostered by 18 subsidiaries and 3,000 outstanding and passionate employees. They represent our ongoing commitment to our guiding principles of reliability, efficiency and market leadership. KaVo is a company that continually prioritises the needs and aspirations of its discerning customers. It is our aim and guarantee to always provide our clients with the absolute best.

KaVo is a dental products manufacturer with a comprehensive array of dental products ranges from skillfully designed dental instruments to state-of-the-art dental practice equipment. Our company is internationally certified, championing consistent and resounding approval by the world’s most discerning, critical and respected regulators. We as a dental products manufacturer consistently exceeds the industry’s standard in customer service, high quality dental products and employee satisfaction. KaVo Dental’s full family of dental products also includes dental x-ray and diagnostics, dental CAD/CAM systems, dental education resources as well as a comprehensive array of dental laboratory equipment and extensive opportunities for product accessorizing and upgrades.

The most passionate and accomplished dental health practitioners are constantly seeking new information and resources to better their practice and improve the quality of care and satisfaction experienced by their trusting patients and customers. For instructional and educational resources in the dental industry that will put your practice well above the rest, explore KaVo’s wealth of educational resources available through our series of highly-sought dental webinars available on our website. Our certified field experts provide engaging, stimulating and practical lectures on some of the most innovative dental surgical techniques, technology, and dental products available on the market today.

Explore everything from the basics of 3D X-ray devices to virtual planning and prosthetic implementation. If you have a question, comment or simply want to share your thoughts, KaVo’s dental webinars are interactive, allowing you to send your own customized message to the lecturer after watching. We also provide you with an efficient quiz, available for you to take after the webinar to test your knowledge of the subject covered, guaranteeing that you’ve gotten the most knowledge for your time and money. Following the quiz, we as a dental products manufacturer provide you with a C.E. Certificate, giving you valuable credit for your new knowledge.

Prepare to be inspired by our technologically superior range of products. KaVo dental chairs including our ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision epitomize our unprecedented product quality. Inspired by the feedback and requests of our astute customers, we’ve created the most technological advanced, comfortable and simple-to-operate dental chair available on the market. The world’s leading dentistry professionals rely on THE dental products manufacturer KaVo’s line of innovative dental products for the highest quality available in the industry, anywhere in the world. Choosing dental excellence means choosing KaVo. KaVo Dental - your dental products manufacturer!