1909 - 1928

The success story begins

header480_192.jpg 1909 Kaltenbach & Voigt


The company is founded in the Steglitz sector of Berlin by Alois Kaltenbach under the motto of "Quality and precision."



  • Richard Voigt becomes partner
  • "KaVo" is entered in the commercial register
  • Move to Potsdam



The world's first sterilisable handpiece 7 for increased hygiene for dentists and patients



Also from this period

Pioneering KaVo innovations


  • prevents duplex spring breakage of drill hoses
  • increases longevity

Special oil protection to prevent oil leakage

  • enables clean work


Screwable and sterilisable handpiece sleeve

  • Service without a screwdriver
  • Time-saving
  • Operating comfort
  • Hygiene


Removable heads by pushbutton

  • Saves time since only quickly wearing parts have to be exchanged, and the bottom part can be used for numerous special applications

Drill bit quick chuck system

  • increases efficiency


From the company

  • Initial developmental projects for scientific institutions and the production of accessories for the optical industry
  • Growth to 30 employees before the First World War
  • First development of own products: Fine-mechanical dental instruments
  • The motivation was provided by a dentist in the same building for a special construction – a chance event thereby laid the foundation for KaVo’s becoming a global player in the dental industry