1929 - 1948

Progress at fast speed

header480_192_1928.jpg 1909 Kaltenbach & Voigt


Start of production of KaVo's first dental unit, the 1001


KaVo grows to 300 employees


Production in Biberach. Work starts with approximately 130 employees



Also from this period

Pathbreaking KaVo innovations
By adding a fast setting to the drill, KaVo doubles the speed from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm

  • enables the use of diamond tools
  • greater efficiency for the dentist
  • less pain for the patient

Special thermal fuse for the windings of the drills

  • Increased longevity


First high-speed contra-angle handpieces and couplings

KaVo high-speed bearings for linkages and sliding joints

  • Increased longevity


Combination standing drill machines enable electrical and foot operation

  • Mobile and flexible (also for outpatient work – transportable in a case)


Production of the first KaVo treatment device 1001 followed by the units

  • 1005
  • 1007
  • 1008
From the company
  • Increased success opens the doors to the international dental market 
  • KaVo participates in the first international Dental Shows (IDS)
  • Enthusiastically received:
    • Superior handpiece with a spring-loaded chucking system
    • electrical high-speed drill
    • electrical freestanding, wall-mounted and articulated drills
    • The Imperator system
  • During the last days of the war, R. Voigt dies in Potsdam
  • The Potsdam plant is disassembled and rebuilt
  • Foundation of a second plant in Biberach, West Germany