1949 - 1968

The world wants dental equipment "Made by KaVo"

header480_192_1948.gif 1909 Kaltenbach & Voigt


Kurt Kaltenbach comes on board - The second generation begins



Equipment production with the standard 1010 unit was resumed



Mobile air rotor and mobile treatment units



Borden Air 60 turbine and unit device 1014


  • KaVo celebrates its 50-year anniversary with approximately 750 employees and numerous customers
  • The KaVo plant in Leutkirch, Germany is founded where miniature ball bearings and electrical tools and motors are produced


  • Foundation of the first foreign distribution company in London, Great Britain
  • Foundation of the KaVo plant in Joinville, Brazil



KaVo becomes the forerunner of ergonomic evolution in Europe and allows patients to lie down for the first time with its new 1025 unit



Also from this period

Pathbreaking KaVo innovations

The first spray cooling

  • High-speed treatment
  • Patient protection
  • Greater efficiency
  • Improved visualisation
  • Better results

Secto and Supra contra-angle handpieces

  • Increase of speed from 20,000 to 30,000 rpm
  • Gentle and faster preparation
  • Saves time for the dentist
  • Shorter treatments 
  • Stainless steal in the Secto handpiece, corrosion-free and durable

First mounting of freely-suspended hoses

  • Improved hygiene
  • Increased ergonomics (shorter paths, less hose weight, fatigue-free work)

KaVo stainless steel Borden turbines, handpieces and contra-angle handpieces that feature ball bearings throughout, revolutionise clinical preparation methodology for dentists.

  • Substantially higher speeds
  • Greater efficiency
  • Less pain during treatment
  • Greater precision with improved results


Integration of a motor in the laboratory handpiece replaces the belt-driven drive

  • Greater performance
  • Improved handling and ergonomics, improved efficiency
  • Still offered due to its popularity!


Launch of the 1012 treatment unit

  • "The savings model" becomes a hit
  • First treatment unit with integrated turbine

From the company

  • The Potsdam plant is expropriated and converted into an East German state-run factory
  • Foundation of additional foreign companies in Europe and overseas
  • Exports to more than 60 countries around the world