1969 - 1988

An economic powerhouse



header480_192_1968.jpg 1909 Kaltenbach & Voigt


Introduction of the 1021 A: Freely-suspended hoses are mounted above the patient for the first time


Purchase of C.A.D. (manufacturer of patient chairs), name change to KaVo Italia


  • Launch of an electrically-operated, collectorless motor, also known as the "Leutkirch" motor • Approximately 2,000 employees worldwide


 Foundation of the plant in Warthausen, Germany, production of treatment units and practice equipment


The MULTIflex und INTRAmatic A set a new standard as the first quick couplings; the principle is still used today


  • Launch of the DOMINO practice furniture program
  • The "Regie" treatment unit is awarded a designer prize
  • KaVo EWL grows to 500 employees
  • Founding of a foreign subsidiary in the USA


Integration of fibre-optic conductors in the SUPERtorque turbine


KaVo develops the first laser (prototype in collaboration with the Institute for Laser Technology at the University of Ulm, Germany)




Also from this period

Pathbreaking KaVo renovations


Technomatic safety coupling

  • helps prevent breakage and twisting of hoses in case of overloaded
  • increased longevity


Collectorless INTRA motors 185 A and 185B

  • greater power
  • low service and durable

Separation of the internally-guided media of water and air in the INTRAmatic II coupling

  • ensures a consistent spray mixture
  • separate use of air to dry a cavity (chip blower function)

The MULTIflex and INTRAmatic A set a new standard as the first quick couplings

  • completely rotatable instruments
  • improved handling
  • large spectrum of KaVo instruments
  • MULTIflex LUX: integration of a light source to improve lighting at the preparation site

Innovative cooling approach for INTRA-B instruments with internally-guided, separate media

  • safe
  • efficient
  • long life
  • user-friendly

From the company

Expansion of the subsidiary "KaVo EWL" in Leutkirch, Germany which became independent in 1970 with a primary focus on dental technology – special expertise in the field of dental laboratory equipment and drives

Production facilities in Biberach, Leutkirch, Nervi (Italy), Turin (Italy) and Joinville (Brazil) and foreign subsidiaries in London, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Milan, and Rio de Janeiro

The corporate group continues to grow worldwide:

  • Approximately 2,000 employees worldwide in 1974
  • Approximately 2,000 employees worldwide in 1983