1989 - 2008

With innovation into the new century

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Bundling of approximately 3,000 sensitive optical fibres to form a light rod for instruments and turbines



  • Introduction of laser technology – KaVo introduces the first KEY Laser (in cooperation with Aesculap and the University of Ulm)
  • Initial involvement in minimally invasive treatment with the SONICsys system



DIAGNOdent - revolutionary technology for the (early) detection of caries



SUPERtorque turbine – over one million sold around the world



  • Everest at the IDS with 5-axis technology 
  • Initial involvement in non-invasive treatment with HealOzone: "Caries treatment without drilling"


KaVo becomes involved in the x-ray business - with the KaVo In eXam and Dig eXam 2005 Innovation prize for

  • GENTLEsilence (the quietest turbine in the world)
  • DIAGNOdent pen



GENTLEsilence – more than 50,000 turbines sold in one year



  • 3D eXam offers three-dimensional x-ray
  • E80 treatment unit - the first treatment unit with a suspended chair



  • The Primus 1058 Design Edition gives the dental practice a fresh, new face
  • KaVo treatment units at the Olympic Games in Beijing



Also from this period

Pioneering KaVo innovations

Bundling of approximately 3,000 sensitive optical fibres to form a light rod for instruments and turbines

  • robust when sterilized, retains illumination
  • drastic increase of longevity

Low-pain laser treatment with the KEY Laser 1

  • No more fear of drilling

Dental simulation unit (DSE)

  • Since new benchmarks in the field of anatomically correct patient simulation for highly realistic treatment simulation

DIAGNOdent - revolutionary technology for the (early) detection of caries

  • high-tech image
  • improved treatment
  • improved dental treatment from the early detection of caries

Initial involvement in multimedia with the ERGOcom 1 - integrated in a treatment unit

  • greater efficiency from the availability of patient data at the site of treatment
  • improved communication between the dentist and patient (easier to "sell" treatments), increased sales as well as
  • patient entertainment and inclusion of the patient in the treatment

Initial involvement in functional diagnostics with the introduction of the PROTAR articulator system

  • extreme precision for improved transmission of measurements
  • improved results (the precision of the device allows any of the top and bottom parts of the articulator to be exchanged which makes work easier, prevents ambiguities and saves costs)

The KEY Laser 3 – The first laser with a feedback system to identify and automatically remove calculus

  • better and more efficient treatment
  • high-tech image
  • gentle and safe treatment of patients

The pneumatically operated, oscillating movements of the SONICsys system offer a new, broad spectrum of uses

  • improved treatment, unique
  • nonrotating for minimally invasive treatment: spares tooth substance, gentle treatment, and neighbouring teeth are not affected

The ARCUSdigma 3D ultrasonic recording device for

  • improved and more efficient diagnosis
  • which improves treatment results
  • greater precision by the dentist

The PREPassistant – digitalization and measuring procedure for dental training

  • accurate and objective evaluation
  • efficient communication

HealOzone – A revolutionary new treatment technique with ozone instead of rotating and abrasive instruments

  • A unique system for the dentist
  • efficient treatment
  • pain-free 
  • fast
  • Retains tooth substance

From the company

Stefan Kaltenbach takes the helm in 1998. Other managers follow. Since the spring of 2008, Henner Witte has been the CEO.