Instrumentarium OP300

Agile dental 2D / 3D X-Ray machine for confident dental diagnostics

An instrument of excellence, 2D / 3D X-Ray machine ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP300 offers you agile and precise 3D imaging technology.

Carefully planned features and FOV specifically optimised imaging parameters, together with the advanced ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH technology make OP300 the ideal 3d X-Ray machine for all dental imaging needs. The CBCT X-Ray machine OP300 is a modern, the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform for demanding professionals.

Efficient clinical use

Excellent imaging starts with accurate patient positioning with OP300. Patient positioning is intuitive and precise. Imaging modality and exposure values are smoothly set with the large 10" user interface on the OP300. Versatile, optimised software enable efficient diagnose.

All these result in a fast and effortless workflow for all imaging modalities.

Image quality optimised for patient dose

The OP300 users greatly benefit from versatile selection of volumes and available resolutions, as well as the precise and free positioning of the volume. OP300 truly gives the possibility to choose the smallest possible volume along with the appropriate resolution based on the indication.

Dental 2D Panoramic / 3D / CBCT / OPG X-RayUnit Instrumentarium OP300

Confidence builds on knowledge

Two field-of-views combined with free FOV positioning in vertical and horizontal directions enable precise imaging within maxillofacial area. This enables multiple different diagnostic tasks from 3D TMJ analysis into implant planning with drilling guides.

Furthermore, true FOV position can be verified with SMARTVIEW scout before taking the actual CBCT image.

With OP300, there is no need for compromises.


Technical specifications

generator high frequency DC, 75–150 kHz
focal spot 0.5 mm IEC 336
tube voltage 57 – 90 kV
tube current 4 – 16 mA
minimum total filtration 3.2 mm AI


image detector CMOS
sensor pixel size 100 μm
image pixel size 100 μm
scan time 8.6 – 16.1 s
image field height 151 mm


image detector CMOS
sensor pixel size 100 μm
image pixel size 100 μm
scan time 6.5 s – 20 s
image field width 160 mm – 270 mm


image detector CMOS
image voxel size 85 μm – 300 μm
scan time 10 – 20 s
exposure time 2.34 s – 12.5 s, pulsed X-ray
image volume sizes (H x W) 61 mm x 41 mm, 61 mm x 78 mm

Dental 2D Panoramic / 3D / CBCT / OPG X-RayUnit Instrumentarium OP300

OP300MaxioTech2 OP300 Maxio Dimensions

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