Excellent point of entry into digital panoramic X-rays

The KaVo OP 2D was developed for dental practices and smaller X-ray centres that require an efficient and highly precise, digital panoramic system. The KaVo OP 2D is part of the exceptional ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ family and can be easily integrated into the workflow of your practice.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Premium panoramic X-ray device with V-Shape-Beam Technology for optimised image quality

  • High-end system technology producing clear, homogeneous images for complete, daily diagnostics

  • Intuitive operation using a touchscreen with self-explanatory symbols

  • Stable 5-point patient positioning for less movement artefacts



KaVo OP 2D for outstanding diagnosis

X-rays: digital. - Diagnosis: ingenious.

The excellent image quality is the result of many ingenious functions, innovative technical features and simple patient positioning. All this enables you to rely on the KaVo OP 2D for outstanding diagnosis.

The standard panoramic imaging program provides clear definition of the dental anatomy including TMJs — in only 10 seconds.

The paediatric panoramic imaging program for children shows a horizontally reduced image field.


Lateral view from temporomandibular joint area with mouth closed or open. 

KaVo OP 2D - Lateral view

Special program for bitewing-like illustration with specific segmentation and collimation.

KaVo OP 2D

KaVo OP 2D - Touch panel

From easy to simply self-explanatory. Operated via intuitive user-interface.

The 5.7 inch touch panel with its elegant, clearly structured user-interface supports simple and safe application. Owing to the graphical concept, all settings are self-explanatory so that your KaVo OP 2D can be operated intuitively from the onset.


KaVo OP 2D - Positioning

5-point patient positioining for less movement artefacts.

Intuitive 5-point patient positioning system holds the patient still during the imaging procedure to reduce movement artefacts. Three laser positioning lights make positioning accurate. The sharp layer is easily adjustable for every patient.


KaVo OP 2D - V-Shape-Beam Technology

Homogeneous image presentation thanks to V-Shape-Beam Technology

A V-shaped beam better considers the different absorption of the human anatomy than a standard beam, thus ensuring a homogeneous image presentation. As a result, the structures of the upper jaw are better penetrated and the sharp layer in the lower jaw is significantly broader.



KaVo OP 2D - DTX Studio

Your software: already installed. The future: DTX Studio™, fully integrated.

The 2D X-ray software you need will be installed during OP 2D operational start-up. The new, unifying software platform DTX Studio™* will integrate the existing software solutions.

With DTX Studio™, a new software platform is available to you, designed as an end-to-end workflow system. With a constant stream of new enhancements, DTX Studio™ will cover all fields of modern dentistry and dental technology in the future.

DTX Studio™ is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. It will integrate both existing and future devices of multiple brands as well as current software provisions into one unified working process. 

*Installations possible as soon as DTX Studio™ is available in your region.

Technical Specifications

Generator High frequency DC, operating frequency 100 – 130kHz
X-ray Tube D-054 SB or equivalent
Focal Spot 0.5 mm IEC 60336/2005
Filtration Total filtering minimum 2.6 mm Al
Tube Voltage 63 - 81 kV
Tube Current 6-12 mA with 220-240 VAC (Tube current limited at 100-120 VAC)
Nominal Voltage(power supply) 100-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC
Weight 120 kg
Sensor Pixel Size 48 μm
Image Pixel Size 96 μm
Image Field Height 147 mm
PC Minimum requirements for image capture Pentium 4@ 2GHz, 2GB RAM, 8GB HDD space
TWAIN interface Optional
DICOM* compatibility Optional
PC connection 100Base-TX
Operating System Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, 64-bit
Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise, 64-bit
Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise, 64-bit,with SP1

* DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for their standard publications on the digital exchange of medical data.


Dimensional Drawings

KaVo OP 2D - Dimensions

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