Protect yourself, your team, your patients and your KaVo treatment unit

Protect yourself, your team, your patients and your KaVo treatment unit: 

  • more functional safety
  • more electrical safety
  • more hygiene safety
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Regular preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance is the prerequisite for safety and provides clear advantages for operational reliability in your practice routine

You can rely on it. Secure your investment’s value in the long term with KaVo’s service kit. Regular maintenance ensures operational reliability of your dental unit.

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Original extended warranty

Extended warranty for spare parts (excl. consumables; up to 5 years). For KaVo treatment units and X-Ray machines


KaVo Box

Original Factory Repair

To keep your KaVo product a KaVo product: top quality from us, repair-service from now on.
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Original parts

Top quality repairs
ESTETICA E50 Zahnarzt-Behandlungsstuhl-Element ESTETICA E50

Original hoses

Safety as standard

You can rely on KaVo original replacement hoses for the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

KL703-KL702_gross Motor KL

Original replacement motors

High power and value for money

Receive a new motor that provides you with full power and performance.


Original hygiene products

Optimal hygiene standards

DEKASEPTOL, the cleaning and disinfection agent for dental suction systems. KaVo OXYGENAL 6 for dosed treatment of the water system.

Kanuelen_700x700 Kanülen

Cannulas for KaVo Multifunction and 3-Function Handpiece

Reusable exchange cannulas in original KaVo quality

Always keep a sufficient number of cannulas for the current sterilization cycles ready.