Expect more from your dental KaVo CAD / CAM system

For laboratories of any size as well as laboratories in dental practices and dental offices, we offer a very economical, digitally integrated and flexible range of dental CAD / CAM systems. 

Create highly aesthetic, nature-identical and long-lasting restorations with the KaVo dental CAD / CAM System ARCTICA.

Create highly aesthetic, nature-identical and long-lasting restorations with the KaVo dental CAD / CAM System ARCTICA

Dental CAD/CAM systems permit a very efficient work-flow and strengthen laboratory and dental practice for the challenges of the future.

These dental CAD/CAM systems are aimed at high economic efficiency, very high precision, and through high flexibility and digital integration protection of your investment for the future.

Dental health practitioners with limited time and high standards count on KaVo for a flawless finish and a dental CAD/CAM system ARCTICA that’s flexible and sophisticated enough to assist in the provision of aesthetic variety, customisation and attention to detail, with efficiency and without any compromises on quality.

In addition to the variety and flexibility of our dental CAD/CAM systems, choosing KaVo guarantees that you will receive a dependable structure throughout each aspect of the process from design to finish. Our dental CAD/CAM KaVo multiCAD design software features pre-determined sizing recommendations and design templates to save you time and get you right on track to creating the design of your choice. But if a dental expert already has their ideal parameters in mind, our design system easily accommodates the professional’s customised input.

With attractive graphics and a clean and appealing screen design, the KaVo multiCAD software easily conforms to any computer without disrupting the system and causing it to slow down. Conversely, our program operates quickly and efficiently, without autosave, an excellent and simple lab transmission process and a step-by-step wizard that significantly reduces the learning curve in comparison to similar software from our competitors.

At KaVo, we believe that dental health professionals know what their clients’ needs are and this is why we strive to provide you with options throughout the dental CAD/CAM process to allow you to make the best choice. When seeking materials, our clients receive the best quality on the market with KaVo elements resp. materials. Choose from a wide range of the highest dental quality plastics, metals, zirconiums and ceramics, available for every possible type of restoration. Restorations for which our materials are ideal include anterior and posterior crowns, full crowns, framework copings, frameworks for anatomical bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers.

For a fully customised dental CAD/CAM process choose one of our KaVo Digital Scanners. This completely automatic digital scanner is ideal for the myriad of jobs that take place in your dental lab. KaVo ARCTICA AutoScan dental 3D scanner is an excellent multitasker with high adaptability and even higher accuracy, guaranteeing ideal and rapid results each time. This scanner easily connects to KaVo’s multiCAD design software optimising efficiency and functionality for a seamless and inspiring workflow. With a KaVo scanner results immediately appear on screen, saving you time. With our products, technology works for you, allowing you to focus on the important things while our dental CAD/CAM systems function harmoniously, compounding and increasing the productivity in your dental health practice. With KaVo’s dental scanners, you can expect longevity with the product of high quality, high resolution and exacting scans every time.

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