KaVo turbines for the NSK coupling

KaVo quality now available for your NSK customers

Read all about our KaVo turbines for NSK couplings. KaVo quality is now available for NSK customers!


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KaVo quality now available for your NSK customers

With the dental turbine EXPERTtorque, KaVo offers an extended portfolio for existing couplings from other companies.
  • Dental turbine EXPERTtorque E680 LN (No. 1.006.4700)
  • Dental turbine EXPERTtorque E677 LN (No. 1.006.0100)
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Dental turbine KaVo EXPERTtorque for NSK couplings

The EXPERTtorque turbine has now become a promising alternative to the NSK Ti-Max X thanks to its maximum cost/durability efficiency. The dental turbines of the EXPERT range are now available to match NSK FlexiQuik couplings.

1. Best price-longevity and efficiency

  • Manufacturing in accordance with the highest quality standards and a wear-resistant tungsten carbide guide bushing
  • 18 months guarantee period and stainless steel head

2. Maximum work efficiency
  • High torque at a head height of only 13.6 mm
  • Always an optimum spray due to the replaceable spray microfilter

3. Proven efficient handpiece technology
  • KaVo safety standards with up to 30 N chuck retention force


EXPERTtorque E680 LN

EXPERTtorque E677 LN

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