The cleaning and disinfection agent for dental suction systems

A clean, hygienic substance for suction devices, aspiration tubes and spittoons.


KaVo DEKASEPTOL Gel - The cleaning and disinfection agent for dental suction systems

Ready to use: No stirring, shaking or mixing - DEKASEPTOL Gel is a ready-made blend and is immediately active.

Easy to use: No mixing also means: no mistakes, no contact with sensitive hands, no dirty work surfaces, and no stress on materials. A completely clean affair.

Time saving: complete suction system disinfection within 80 sec. Average time saving of 2-3 minutes per dental unit. An early finish means a long happy evening.

Long-term effect: DEKASEPTOL Gel adheres to the internal walls of the suction hoses and prolongs its anti-microbial depot action. Therefore it does not tend to flush straight through hoses and has a long-term effect.

Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, tuberkulocidal, HBV-effective, HIV-effective: complete protection for patients and practicioners - and all this using an ecologically harmless agent which is easily and quickly biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.

Developed by KaVo in cooperation with Ecolab

ecolab Dekaseptol

Easy to use

DEKASEPTOL Gel is mixed ready for use and extremely fast to apply. Within approx. 80 seconds, a complete disinfection cycle for the entire suction system can be carried out.


It´s so simple: Saliva ejector and high volume suction tubings

Speichelziehschlauch_0.jpg DEKASEPTOL

1. Periodically, aspirate a small quantity of cold water from the KaVo AQUAmat,...

Speichelziehschlauch_2.jpg DEKASEPTOL

2. Press down measuring cap once with attached suction tip or by hand.


Speichelziehschlauch_4.jpg DEKASEPTOL

4. Remove the tubing and place back in its holder.


Speichelziehschlauch_1.jpg DEKASEPTOL

... or out of a suitable container.

Speichelziehschlauch_3.jpg DEKASEPTOL

3. Aspirate a measured dose of DEKASEPTOL Gel from the measuring cap (repeat these steps when cleaning/disinfecting high volume suction tubings).



It´s so simple: Spittoon

Speischale_1.jpg DEKASEPTOL

1. Press down on the measuring cap once.


Speischale_3.jpg DEKASEPTOL

3. Spread the DEKASEPTOL Gel with a brush and allow it to take effect.

Speischale_2.jpg DEKASEPTOL

2. Pour a measured dose of DEKASEPTOL Gel into the spittoon.


Speischale_4.jpg DEKASEPTOL

4. Afterwards, rinse and clean out the spittoon with the bowl flush using a brush.

It's so simple

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