Dental Simulation Units

Dental Simulation Units and working stations for universities.

DSEclinical DSE clinical 5198

DSEclinical 5198

Practical teaching at the highest level

The simulation unit KaVo DSEclinical 5198 sets new standards in relation to hygiene, treatment, ergonomics and simple operability.

DSEclinical DP DSE clinical 5197

DSEclinical 5197

Never before was a simulation so real

The dental simulation unit KaVo DSEclinical 5197 stands for excellent ergonomics, design and a maximum of flexibility.

dsecompact-header-cmyk unknown

DSE Compact

Flexibility in its most compact form

Finely attuned to your needs, the KaVo DSE Compact is easy to configure, quick to adjust and truly economical to maintain. And with its many benefits, it represents the best entry level investment you can get for dental education equipment.

DSEplus DSEplus


The KaVo DSEplus simulation unit enables optimum training by delivering a flexible combination of ergonomics and intuative user interface. With KaVo DSEplus, the student learns in a natural dental surgery environment.