INTRAmatic E

Dental Handpieces with INTRAmatic connection but without spray

KaVo INTRAmatic E dental handpieces: The perfect introduction into the world of KaVo. Without spray but great ergonomy, hgyiene and design - Made by KaVo.

KaVo Smart-Series

KaVo Smart-Series - Start safe with affordable KaVo quality.

  1. Entry level price for the world of KaVo
  2. Sound basic configuration
  3. Made in Germany

intramatic_e_hand.jpg intramatic

KaVo INTRAmatic E

  • Ergonomic Design
    New surface finish, perfect grip, no rough edges, nowhere for dirt to accumulate, pushbutton chuck as standard

  • Made by KaVo
    A quality label guaranteeing the highest standards in production, premium quality materials and a long service life. All made in Germany.

  • Hygiene
    INTRAmatic E instruments can be thermally disinfected, sterilised in autoclaves at temperatures of up to 135°C (275° F) and can also be washed in the Miele thermodisinfector.

intramatic_20e.jpg intramatic

INTRAmatic 20 E 1:1 contra-angle handpiece

  • Max. 40,000 rpm min-1
  • Pushbutton chuck
  • Hygienic surface
  • For use with burs that have a 2.35mm bur shaft diameter
  • Mat.-Nr. 1.003.1107

intramatic_80e.jpg intramatic

INTRAmatic 80 E 1:1 contra-angle handpiece

  • Max. 40.000 rpm min-1
  • Pressbutton chuck
  • 100° head angle
  • for drills with a drill shaft with a 1,6 mm dia
  • Hygienic surface
  • Mat.-Nr. 1.004.6401

intramatic_10e.jpg intramatic

INTRAmatic 10 E 1:1 straight handpiece

  • Max. 40,000 rpm min-1
  • For use with handpiece cutters with a 2.35mm shaft diameter
  • Chuck retaining power of 40 N
  • Mat.-Nr. 1.003.6977

intramatic_14e.jpg intramatic

INTRAmatic 14 E 4:1 red. contra-angle handpiece

  • Max. 10,000 rpm min-1
  • Pushbutton chuck
  • Hygienic surface
  • For use with burs that have a 2.35mm bur shaft diameter
  • Mat.-Nr. 1.003.1108

Dental-Instruments|Straight-and-contra-angles-handpieces|INTRAmatic-E INTRAmatic_31E - KaVo Dental

INTRAmatic 31 E 4:1 red. prophy contra-angle handpiece

  • Max. 10,000 min-1, recommended operating speed: 1,500 rpm
  • For use with snap-on/screw-on cups and brushes
  • Extremely small head
  • Hygienic surface
  • Mat.-Nr. 1.003.6976

intramatic_19e.jpg intramatic

INTRAmatic 19 E 7,4:1 prophylactic handpiece

  • reduction ratio of 7.4:1
  • both for disposable prophylactic heads as well as steel heads with a Doriot connection
  • rotatable360°
  • Hygienic surface
  • washable in thermo disinfector
  • sterilisable up to 135° C (275° F)
  • Mat.-Nr. 1.004.6403

Schnittmodell_m25l_liegend MASTERmatic

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Care, Maintenance and Sterilisation Top Tips

For your KaVo dental handpieces: Dental Handpieces must be sterilised by autoclaving after each patient. These guidelines must be carried out in accordance with BDA recommendations and manufacturer’s guidelines. The stages are essential for the prolonged working life of the dental handpieces.

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