KaVo consumables and dental care products for your daily work.

KaVo consumables and care materials support you in your daily work to meet dental hygiene requirements.

CLEANspray_header1 SONICflex Spitzen

KaVo CLEANspray / DRYspray

Intensive internal cleaning

KaVo CLEANspray / KaVo DRYspray - Cleaning spray for the intensive cleaning of instrument and turbine interiors (including spray lines) with certified validation.

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KaVo Spray

High-quality care for all KaVo instruments, turbines, heads and air motors

Proper maintenance with KaVo Spray saves time, money and hassle.

Dental-Instrumente Prophylaxe Pulver Kollektion Dental-Instrumente: Prophylaxe Pulver Kollektion

Prophylaxis Powder Collection

Professional prophylaxis with KaVo – unique, versatile and exclusive. That brings the fun to prophylaxis.

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Prophylaxis Dental

Dental Prophylaxis. So easy and so gentle.

Dental-Instrumente SONICflex Spitzen Dental-Instrumente: SONICflex Spitzen

SONICflex Tips

KaVo SONICflex Tips: More tips and therefore more possibilities for your airscaler.

KaVo consumables, care materials and prophylaxis powder for your daily work.

KaVo Pflegebroschüre

KaVo Kopf

KaVo takes complaints very seriously and investigations have revealed that many defects could be avoided with the correct reprocessing of the handpieces. More than 50% of the handpiece failures are caused by improper cleaning and care.

In this brochure we would like to give you tips on how to use your KaVo instruments as long as possible.

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