Dental handpieces and contra-angles

High-quality dental handpieces and contra-angles from KaVo

KaVo dental handpieces and contra-angles are functional, economical, flexible and reliable. Learn more about KaVo straight and contra-angle dental handpieces today!



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Features of the straight and contra-angles dental handpieces from KaVo

  • Functional, economical, flexible and reliable: with the KaVo straight and contra-angle dental handpieces, you have the daily working of your practice well under control.
  • The special shape and the hygiene grip prevent cramp and premature fatigue of the finger muscles even during prolonged treatment.
  • High-quality ymanufacture ensures a very long life, top material quality for ideal cleaning and sterilization possibilities (fully sterilizable at 135°C in an autoclave or washable in a thermal disinfector).
  • The KaVo LUX straight and contra-angle dental handpieces with 25,000 LUX luminous power and luminous density of 2,000 cd/m2 radiate deep into every cavity. Nothing remains in the dark.
  • The separation of spray air and spray water ensures a constant supply of fine nebulised spray or dry air jet.
  • Flexibility because the KaVo dental handpieces are in two parts: for the respective INTRAmatic ES and E shanks, there are 18 different INTRA LUX heads: easily exchangeable with the KaVo fast-action chuck.
mastermatic_header Dental-Instrumente: MASTERmatic


Straight & contra-angles dental handpieces - Be your best

KaVo MASTERmatic straight & contra-angle dental handpieces - perfect access and visibility with KaVo. Successor of the legendary GENTLEpower LUX series.

EXPERT_MannFrau Dental-Instrumente: EXPERTmatic


Efficiency is the focus

KaVo EXPERTmatic dental handpieces - fast and precise working, best reliability and perfect light.

Successor of the INTRAcompact series.

SMARTmatic_Overview_700x700px SMARTmatic_Overview_700x700px


Straight & contra-angles dental handpieces - Beyond just love at first sight

KaVo SMARTmatic Straight & contra-angles dental handpieces - The smart approach to Dental Excellence. Successor to the established INTRAmatic E/ES series.

Titel_koepfe_gross Dental-Instrumente: INTRA Köpfe


KaVo INTRA Head - The only configurable contra-angle handpieces composed of INTRA head and MASTERmatic LUX. Versatile, economical, unique.

Motiv_Gepard Dental-Instrumente: COMFORTdrive 200 XD Gepard-Motiv

COMFORTdrive 200 XD

The premium speed increasing dental handpiece from KaVo

KaVo COMFORTdrive 200 XD combines the advantages of turbines and speed increasing dental handpieces with high-speed instruments in a unique solution.

KaVo Instruments configurator

KaVo Instruments Configurator

Find quick and easy the best heads for your MASTERmatic contra-angle dental handpieces.

High-quality dental handpieces from KaVo

At KaVo Dental, we champion a strong performance in all of our products as well as consistent customer satisfaction. With a thriving global network of discerning and innovative dental health professionals as our clientele, we seek to provide a high standard of reliability and durability that facilitates, enhances and streamlines dental procedures, dental lab work and other dental practice essentials. With quality equipment and dental tools esp. dental handpieces that have evolved throughout years of consumer feedback and company innovation, we encourage you to join the thousands of other dental health experts who have finally found a product line that represents a distinct level of quality with each use, every time.

Our dental handpieces are extremely adept, flexible and noteworthy for efficient performance and design. KaVo’s MASTERmatic straight and contra-angle dental handpieces are designed to facilitate user-comfortability for the professional and a significant reduction in procedural times for their patients. The smaller, specially angled head size and customized light positioning contribute to a specialized level of visibility and maneuverability for users. With the innovative MASTERmatic, those hard to reach and hard to see places are more easily accessible, thus streamlining and shortening procedures, making it possible to achieve results with greater accuracy and precision. Procedural precision is also enhanced by the MASTERmatic’s Triple Gear System and hard metal bur guide which allows professionals to wield more control over the tool for a more even finish. Made in Germany with KaVo’s signature durability, this product has been proven to be highly reliable following extensive and rigorous testing. Heads for the tool are also replaceable.

Browse our wide array of dental handpieces today. One of our many MASTERmatic designs is sure to be well-suited for your dental office’s needs. KaVo’s EXPERTmatic dental handpiece is known to provide some of the fastest and more consistent results. With a smarter design, a smaller head and enhanced technology, this dental tool allows professionals an opportunity to cut back on time and improve accuracy. Fully equipped with an abundance of useful features including 3-port spray and a replaceable water filter. KaVo is pleased to offer a well-positioned and balanced lighting system and design, formulated for longevity.

KaVo’s EXPERTmatic dental handpieces becomes an investment for your office that can be expected to live up to its value for many times and for years to come, choose from our wide array of speciality models and styles to find the one that best suits your needs. In our exciting line of dental handpieces, you will also encounter the wonderful KaVo INTRAmatic ES dental instruments which feature an accurate spray system in addition to an INTRAmatic connection. This tool is built with rigorous and competitive production standards in any similar product on the market place. Your commitment to office hygiene and the avoidance of cross-contamination is continually supported by KaVo’s INTRAmatic ES dental handpiece which features a sleek design that helps reduce the opportunity for the gathering of unwanted dirt and other unsanitary materials. Designed for fast and conventional thermal disinfection, this dental handpiece is reliably sterilized at 135°C and can also be thoroughly cleaned in the Miele thermodisinfector.

KaVo dental handpieces have a long life and high reliability through selection of very high-quality materials and extremely high manufacturing tolerances lead to cost-efficiency paired with high-quality technology. 

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Care, Maintenance and Sterilisation Top Tips

For your KaVo dental handpieces: Dental Handpieces must be sterilised by autoclaving after each patient. These guidelines must be carried out in accordance with BDA recommendations and manufacturer’s guidelines. The stages are essential for the prolonged working life of the dental handpieces.

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KaVo Pflegebroschüre

KaVo Kopf

KaVo takes complaints very seriously and investigations have revealed that many defects could be avoided with the correct reprocessing of the handpieces. More than 50% of the handpiece failures are caused by improper cleaning and care.

In this brochure we would like to give you tips on how to use your KaVo instruments as long as possible.

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