FAQs handpiece repair

What can I do to ensure that my handpieces work reliably longer and without repair?

  • Regular servicing according to the reprocessing instructions is essential for your valuable handpieces to have a long service life. Even missing the service with KaVo care products just once, e.g. after thermodisinfection, can cause preliminary damage on ball bearings and reduce the service life considerably
  • If you use manual cleaning and disinfection products (e.g. KaVo Clean Spray, ALPRO WL-System), it is essential to remove these products without residues using the corresponding dry products. You should also not exceed the specified duration of action (e.g. overnight / during lunchtime, etc.)
  • Surgical handpieces should be reprocessed without delay after their use in order to prevent any dirt from lodging in the ball bearings
  • The servicing with oil-containing spray has to follow AFTER thermodisinfection or manual internal cleaning / disinfection / drying
  • In order to prevent contact corrosion, the straight and contra-angle handpieces / turbines must be taken out of the steriliser unit as soon as the sterilisation is completed
  • Do not leave them inside the steriliser unit for extended periods of time (overnight or over the weekend)!


In your experience, which part needs to be replaced in repairs most often? How can I prevent this? 

  • The most frequently replaced parts are: In turbines: ball bearings
  • In red contra-angle handpieces: ball bearings and chucks
  • Replacement of these parts is identified through the items, "drive insert" or "spare turbine", in the bill of delivery or invoice or cost estimate
  • Experience tells that the expected service life of a chuck can be extended significantly through so-called "chuck servicing". This involves lubricating the chucking system with oil once or twice a week. The required specific attachments are available for all servicing systems supplied by KaVo. Please contact us or your consultant with any question related to the appropriate system
  • For more information, please visit:
    Overview of the complete reprocessing (Care PosterPDF)


The ball bearings are replaced in the scope of a repair during the warranty period as a gesture of goodwill. What does this mean in my case?

  • No worries - the repair is free of charge just like any repair in the scope of the warranty period. By carrying out the repair as a gesture of goodwill, we aim to show that the optimal service life can be clearly longer than the presently attained service life. We wish to provide you with an incentive to question your reprocessing workflow in order to significantly reduce the number of handpiece failures and ensuring repair costs, with your best interests at heart  


What can I do that the lifetime of the ball bearings is substantially extended in my instruments?

  • Oil is not same oil – we recommend to use exclusively KaVo original hygiene products. These are perfectly adapted for our KaVo – products coordinatedly and protect so the highest longevity!  

Which advantages do I have if I allow to repair my instrument by the Original KaVo Repair Service?

  • From professional to professional. As a manufacturer, we have the best know-how we can incorporate into the repair of your valuable instruments every day. All our workstations are designed for the repair of your KaVo instruments. The repairmen are well trained and absolute specialists for your instrument.
  • You will receive a one-year warranty - 6 months longer than usual in the market - for the repairs carried out as well as the installed spare parts and replacement parts.
  • We obstruct as a manufacturer exclusively original spare parts. Advantages for you: higher longevity of the repaired instruments and devices, more security for you and your patients, lower down-times!
  • We offer for your KaVo master Series instruments 24H to service.
  • We offer a free pick-up and drop-off service.
  • Further informations under:
  • KaVo original factory repair
  • KaVo original spare parts
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