Straight & contra-angles dental handpieces

Durable, reliable quality for your instruments. Premium straight and contra-angle dental handpieces from KaVo.

Features of the straight and contra-angles dental handpieces from KaVo

  • Functional, economical, flexible and reliable: with the KaVo straight and contra-angle dental handpieces, you have the daily working of your practice well under control.
  • The special shape and the hygiene grip prevent cramp and premature fatigue of the finger muscles even during prolonged treatment.
  • High-quality ymanufacture ensures a very long life, top material quality for ideal cleaning and sterilization possibilities (fully sterilizable at 135°C in an autoclave or washable in a thermal disinfector).
  • The KaVo LUX straight and contra-angle dental handpieces with 25,000 LUX luminous power and luminous density of 2,000 cd/m2 radiate deep into every cavity. Nothing remains in the dark.
  • The separation of spray air and spray water ensures a constant supply of fine nebulised spray or dry air jet.
  • Flexibility because the KaVo handpieces are in two parts: for the respective INTRAmatic ES and E shanks, there are 18 different INTRA LUX heads: easily exchangeable with the KaVo fast-action chuck.


mastermatic_header MASTERmatic Header

KaVo MASTERmatic straight & contra-angles - Best access and perfect visibility. The replacement of the successful GENTLEpower LUX series.

KaVo MASTERmatic shanks – unlimited versatility.


Titel_HWS GENTLEpower overview

Calm confidence in the dental practice: Premium straight and contra-angle dental handpieces from KaVo. The latest KaVo technology for your practice



EXPERT_MannFrau EXPERT Mann Frau

KaVo EXPERTmatic dental handpieces: Fast and precise working, best reliability and perfect lighting.


Intramatic_Titel INTRAmatic Titel

KaVo INTRAmatic ES dental handpieces: The perfect introduction into the world of KaVo. With spray.

INTRAmatic_20E_gross INTRAmatic E

INTRAmatic E

Dental instruments with INTRAmatic connection but without spray

KaVo INTRAmatic E handpieces: The perfect introduction into the world of KaVo. Without spray

  • Ergonomy & Design
  • Made by KaVo
  • Hygiene

KaVo INTRAmatic E handpieces.

INTRA heads

intra-kopf Intra Head

KaVo INTRA Head - The only configurable contra-angle handpieces composed of INTRA head and GENTLEpower LUX. Versatile, economical, unique.

Motiv_Gepard COMFORTdrive

COMFORTdrive 200 XD

The Premium speed increasing handpiece from KaVo

KaVo COMFORTdrive 200 XD combines the advantages of turbines and speed increasing handpieces with high-speed instruments in a unique solution.