Dental practice equipment

Dentist Equipment including dental chairs, dental units and dentist stools

KaVo offers a wide variety of dentist equipment including dental chairs, dental units and dentist stools, operating lights, dental multimedia systems, dental microscopes and further accessories for dental units and dentist chairs.

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Dental Chairs

Get an overview of all dental chairs and dental units from KaVo. Learn the differences and advantages of each dental chair and dental unit for your practice.

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Options and Accessories

Accessories for your dental practice equipment including ultrasonic scalers, motors, dentist stools and instruments.

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Patient communication

A whole new perspective on caries. Optimum caries diagnostics – thanks to top quality images. 

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“Finally,” some say. – “Already,” we say. Because Leica Microsystems went all the way and didn’t merely modify existing microscopes. We developed a totally new dental microscope from the bottom up. That is why the dental Leica microscope is the first dental microscope of its kind explicitly designed for modern dental medicine. The effort was worthwhile.
The result is impressive: the dental Leica microscope M320!

The following should be noted when equipping two- or three-chair dentist equipment

  • Experience with existing dentist equipment should be assessed, expediently modified and if necessary changed.
  • Position of the treatment units (entry and exit), also of the operating light.
  • Position of further dentist equipment like cabinets, wash basins, etc.
  • Distance between treatment unit and other dental practice equipment.
  • Highly central position of the sterilising room.
  • When multimedia components are to be added later on to the dentist equipment, appropriate measures should be taken beforehand to facilitate subsequent networking.

KaVo - Your Expert in Dentist Equipment (dental practice equipment)

KaVo’s dentist equipment products have been designed and redesigned with the professional in mind. With an eye on the needs and desires of our discerning and professional clientele, as well as the larger dental industry, we always strive to incorporate the latest and most appropriate technology available into our dental equipment, enhancing features and overall product quality. Our goal is to give our customers longevity and a more productive, effective, safe and rewarding work environment for themselves and their patients.

Our full listing of dental equipment contains an exhaustive list of any dental professional’s dental equipment needs, including several additional features that can be added to enhance each care provider’s experience. With an astounding variety of features available in five technologically advanced models, health care professionals seeking the industry’s best are likely to find their ideal product with KaVo’s dental chairs. Distinguished by our consistently reliable and highly adaptable automated hygiene function, our dental chairs boast intuitive operation providing a remarkable standard of sanitation. Health professionals are sure to be impressed by the features, longevity and efficiency of KaVo’s dental chair ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision. In addition to its automated hygiene operation, this chair comfortably accommodates patients of any size and seamlessly integrates our highly efficient CONEXIO software, allowing dental health professionals to access their patients’ vital information with ease.

Our extensive line of dental units epitomises innovation and unprecedented progress in dental equipment proficiency. At KaVo, we offer our clients an exciting abundance of dental tools and dentist equipment. The availability of entry level pricing and superior engineering for highly cost-efficient operation allows even a developing dental health practice to experience the supreme quality of KaVo’s ESTETICA E30 dental chair. With its variety of operative features for convenience and highly-dependable anti-retraction system, opportunities for cross-contamination have been virtually eradicated. Our dental equipment and tools prioritise comfort for practitioners and are designed to accommodate and support a wide range of heights and sizes with maximum comfort and reliability. Our KaVo PHYSIO dentist stools fortifies workflow by offering you an adjustable backrest that is designed to accommodate your specific needs. Take the pain out of your work day with KaVo dental stools and accessories.

Choose KaVo’s Primus 1058 Life dental unit. This highly efficient and technologically advanced dental unit implements our CONEXIO system software for highly organised patient management, with easy access to 2D radiograph archives. With the Primus 1058 Life dental unit, our customers are choosing a product that they can trust.

Dental health experts know that their jobs are detail-oriented, and identifying a small problem early may be the difference between a satisfied, healthy client and who may be slated for future dental health concerns. KaVo’s dental microscope Leica M320 is the dental equipment tool that astute professionals count on to enhance the thoroughness and overall veracity of their diagnoses. This highly adaptable dental tool has been designed specifically for dental work and uses state-of-the-art LED lighting for unrivaled sharpness and image clarity as well as Leica Full HD imaging technology. This is an unprecedented technological accomplishment for the industry in image sharing and documentation.

For the industry leader in dentist equipment, dental equipment and dental equipment products, choose the best: Choose KaVo.

ESTETICA Vision E70/E80 Checklist

KaVo Dental Chairs Quality Checklist

We have prepared a list of 9 quality items that need to be checked on a regular basis for dental chairs, dental units and treatment units. Make sure you do not forget one!

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