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ESTETICA E70_E80 Vision Behandlungseinheit ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

Get in touch with your vision

This dental chair has what you wanted: simpler operation, smooth work processes, modern patient communication, access to patient data, automated hygiene processes. You asked us to retain tried and tested features – such as the unique ergonomic swivel chair concept. It became our vision to develop our best treatment concept in this dental chair – to make the daily routine easier. KaVo dental chair ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision – experience your vision.

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My Life. My Work. My Style.

You will find all the functions that you need on your KaVo dental chair. Direct keys without double allocation guide you intuitively to your goal – no time-consuming familiarisation and no tiresome searching for functions during treatment. In conjunction with the clearly designed screen and the KaVo colour scheme, this will guarantee a smooth workflow and will allow you to have more effective treatment time.

Primus 1058 Life

Primus 1058 Life

KaVo Primus 1058 Life. Rely on it.

Whatever challenge you are facing, you know you can trust your dental chair Primus 1058 Life. Enjoy the exceptional reliability at your practice everyday. The Primus 1058 Life dental chair was designed with a major focus on functional reliability and pronounced economic efficiency. Demonstrate your ability to identify excellent value for your money and join thousands of dentists throughout the world who report that their Primus 1058 “runs and runs and keeps running”. Dental chair KaVo Primus 1058 Life. Proven quality. Redefined. Trust us.


Dental chair ESTETICA E30

E30 dental chairs perform: Get "Made in Germany" quality, reliability and efficiency

ESTETICA E30, an easy and intuitive system for your day-to day-use. Everything your heart desires, within your reach.

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Highlights & features of KaVo dental chairs and dental units

If you’re looking for the best there is, you’ll love KaVo dental chairs

Here is an overview of KaVo dental chairs and dental units so you can learn more about the differences and advantages of our great dental chairs.

The following should be noted when equipping two or three dental units resp. dental chairs:

  • Experience with the existing equipment should be assessed, expediently modified and if necessary changed
  • Position of the dental chairs (entry and exit)
  • Position of the cabinets, wash basins, etc.
  • Distance between dental chairs and periphery
  • Position of reception and the waiting room
  • Highly central position of the sterilising room
  • It should also be noted that, when multimedia components are to be added later on, appropriate measures should be taken beforehand to facilitate subsequent networking

Features of dental chairs, dental units and dentist chairs from KaVo

To enhance your dental practice with dental chairs resp. dentist chairs as well as dental units that consistently champion and reflect your dedication to professional excellence, simplicity, safety and sophistication, choose from KaVo’s line of technologically-evolved and sanitary dental chairs. Our dental chairs are designed to facilitate ease of use for dentists and comfort for patients of any size and age. These highly adjustable and adaptable dentist chairs can accommodate everyone from small children to adults. Our dental chairs are also designed for stable positioning that facilitates ease of access for dental professionals so that procedures can be done as quickly and accurately as possible without compromising patient safety and comfort in any way. In an effort to virtually eliminate any risks of cross-contamination and control and eradicate infections when they do arise. In addition to its highly accurate, sophisticated and simple to operate automated hygiene function, our dental chairs are designed to outwardly accommodate a higher level of cleaning precision and sanitation for spotless results that help sustain a healthy and thriving dental practice. With an eye on the wide range of procedures that a dental chair will support, we have improved efficiency for professionals by designing the dental unit in such a way that all the crucial components of the most essential dental processes are easier to access.

For example, through its superior technology, our dental chairs resp. dental units allow you to digitally organize, save, and readily access patient data in a few simple steps without ever leaving your patient’s side. KaVo’s dental chair ESTETICA E50 Life makes procedures more fluid and efficient with its direct keys that reduce the learning curve of traditional system by making the navigation process simpler, faster, and more intuitive so that you can get your patient’s information with ease. Our attractive screen organizes information with a color scheme to keep system operation simple and memorable. With over 35,000 dental units sold since the inception of this high-concept product, our dental chair Primus 1058 / 1058 Life enhances the experience for professionals through its balanced combination of technology and operational simplicity. Featuring the CONEXIO system software for highly organized and easily accessible patient management information, 2D radiograph archive programming, and live intraoral images, this dentist chair is sure to make a substantial contribution to the workflow, customer satisfaction and overall appeal of your dental office. Purchased by thousands of highly satisfied dental professionals, technicians and experts around the globe, as with all of KaVo’s other products, these dental chairs offer economic efficiency for your dental practice through durable longevity. When you purchase a dental chair from KaVo, you are investing in a long term enhancement to your dental office that can grow with your practice and prove reliable for years to come.

KaVo offers the perfect dental chair and dental unit for every dental practice equipment resp. dentist equipment.