See more with a Dental Microscope from Leica!

“Finally,” some say. – “Already,” we say. Because Leica Microsystems went all the way and didn’t merely modify existing microscopes. We developed a totally new dental microscope from the bottom up. That is why the dental Leica microscope is the first dental microscope of its kind explicitly designed for modern dental medicine. The effort was worthwhile.
The result is impressive: the dental Leica microscope M320!

M320_Optics1 Leica M320

Dental Leica Microscope M320

Sharp to the smallest detail

The high-quality optics, high magnification, and bright daylight-temperature LED light coupled with ergonomic design features, ensure that the Leica M320 responds to the demands of a wide range of dental specialties.

High quality dental microscope Leica M320 - dental microscopes for dentistry

Being able to properly visualize every detail of your surgical field is essential to good patient treatment outcomes. Your dental microscope can affect how you see those details. It can also help you determine the best course of action during each step of the procedure, and even identify potential complications.

KaVo Dental is proud to offer this Leica Microscope M320 as part of Leica´s exclusive line of dental microscopes. Specially designed for dental practices, Leica microscopes offer a wealth of features that can benefit every office and every dental specialty.

This Leica Microscope M320 comes with a number of features to improve your experience. It contains not one, but two LEDs to deliver clear and bright visualization of every detail. It also comes with a complete range of objective lenses to ensure that you can achieve the magnification that you need.

KaVo Dental offers a number of options to improve your experience, including the Leica M320 MultiFoc Objective and 5-step magnification changer. The MultiFoc Objective will enable you to easily adjust the sharpness within a range from 200mm to 300mm with an easy turn of the adjustment knob. The 5-step magnification changer can help you to switch easily and seamlessly between magnification steps and minimize interruptions to your work.

The optical LED system, which the Leica microscope M320 was the first in the world to feature, adds cost-saving and convenience benefits.  The LED light bulbs have a long lifetime of 60,000 working hours, for minimal cost of ownership.

Is your office on a digital platform or transitioning towards one? This dental microscope features a cable-free and fully integrated high definition camera with video up to 1080p. The dental microscope has been designed for future upgrades in mind, allowing for advances in new technology and saving you money in the long run.

All images and videos can be stored on an SD memory card and easily transferred to your computer system via the memory card or a USB connection.

This easy integration into your digital practice also means that the images of this dental microscope are easily shared with your patients and their families. Being able to access these images improves trust, patient engagement and satisfaction. It means easily explaining complex details in an understandable manner. It also means that you can easily review a patients chart in full before their next visit.

The Leica Microscope provides ergonomic support so that you can work more comfortably. This dental microscope can be easily repositioned with a light touch, eliminating the back and neck strain that can come with working in a hunched over position. There are two types of binocular tubes with a 45-degree angle or with 180-degrees of movement for ideal positioning.

KaVo Dental can offer two optional accessories to further improve your comfort, the ErgoWedge and the ErgonOptic dent. In addition, the MultiFoc adjustment knob can easily be placed on the left side, right side, or in the middle, depending on your preference.

At KaVo Dental, we know the importance you place on quality supplies, which is why we are proud to offer Leica Microscopes. Whether you specialize in restorative dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, or implantology, this dental microscope can help elevate your practice and surgical outcomes.