Options and Accessories

Accessories for your dental practice equipment including ultrasonic scalers, motors, dentist stools and instruments.

Behandlung-KaVoLUX-540-LED KaVoLUX 540 LED

Operating lights

KaVo's dental operating lights always ensure a perfect light: outstanding light quality for ideal dental treatment outcomes. LED and halogen technology, sanitary and ergonomically designed.

header-physio PHYSIO Evo / Evo F

Dentist Stools

The dentist stool KaVo PHYSIO for everyone: dentists AND assistants. Perfect ergonomics with maximum comfort for healthy and fatigue-free working.

M320_Optics1 Leica M320

Dental Leica Microscope M320

Sharp to the smallest detail

The high-quality optics, high magnification, and bright daylight-temperature LED light coupled with ergonomic design features, ensure that the Leica M320 responds to the demands of a wide range of dental specialties.

piezoled-header unknown


SONICflex und PIEZO Ultraschall-Scaler: Die KaVo Scaler sind integriert an Ihrer KaVo Behandlungseinheit. Erleben Sie eine kraftvolle Zukunft.

Dental-Instrumente Mikromotoren & Motorsteuerung Dental-Instrumente: Mikromotoren & Motorsteuerung

Micromotors & motor control

Electric and air powered micromotors

Electric powered and air-driven motors from KaVo provide constant-torque over the entire speed range.

With the new KaVo SMARTdrive you immediately obtain more comfort and more power as standard and at no extra cost.

centro-support-700-700 unknown

Support System CENTRO

The pillar of strength in the practice

KaVo CENTRO: The central organisation and support system directly on the treatment unit.

Funkfussanlasser-Wellen ESTETICA E70

Foot control

Tailored to your comfort from head to foot

Navigate all functions – also available as a wireless foot control. The perfect foot control for your dental unit



The cleaning and disinfection agent for dental suction systems

A clean, hygienic substance for suction devices, aspiration tubes and spittoons.

oxygenal_gross gross

Oxygenal 6

For water germ reduction in dental units

KaVo OXYGENAL 6 (water germ reduction liquid) for dosed treatment of the water system and water germ reduction in the KaVo dental units.

zubehoer_titel titel

More accessories and kits

Expand your treatment units

Mounting parts, kits and further accessories for KaVo treatment units.


Konfigurator Behandlungseinheiten

KaVo Dental Chair Configurator

With the KaVo configurator you can easily setup and build your dental chair according to your needs. Lots of choices offer you a perfect customization to perfectly fit into your daily workflow.

Click here to start the configurator

ESTETICA Vision E70/E80 Checklist

KaVo Dental Chairs Quality Checklist

We have prepared a list of 9 quality items that need to be checked on a regular basis for dental chairs, dental units and treatment units. Make sure you do not forget one!

Download our checklist for free