DSE Compact

Flexibility in its most compact form

Finely attuned to your needs, the KaVo DSE Compact is easy to configure, quick to adjust and truly economical to maintain. And with its many benefits, it represents the best entry level investment you can get for dental education equipment.

dsecompact_1310-2247_w_rgb.jpg DSECompact

Flexibility in its most compact form

Every road to a successful career starts with the first few steps. With the KaVo DSE (Dental Simulation Equipment) Compact, students set off smartly on their dental education, experiencing KaVo’s world of outstanding benefits from the very start.

While the KaVo DSE Compact is the smallest dental simulation unit, it offers maximum value. And thanks to the tried and tested KaVo technology and its high safety standards, the unit is certified by the German TÜV and complies with all safety regulations.

Finely attuned to your needs, the KaVo DSE Compact is easy to configure, quick to adjust and truly economical to maintain. And with its many benefits, it represents the best entry level investment you can get for dental education equipment.

dse_compact_offen_inhalt_rgb.jpg DSECompact

  • Modular configurations and flexible instrumentations
  • Dentist/assistant element can be interchanged from right to left without tools
  • 2 ample separate compartments to store e.g. student‘s jaw simulator, articulator or instrument tray
  • Smallest dental simulation unit – fits under space constricted workstations
  • Torso with adumbrated arms and shoulders
  • Quick and easy pneumatic height adjustment of patient simulator and torso inclination
  • Low need for service, long lasting mechanical components
  • Robust and stable chassis and cabinet – all powder coated metal sheet components


KaVo DSE compact

Patient simulator-torso with indicated arms, height measured by incisial point

dsecompact_gebiss_simulatoren_rgb.jpg DSECompact

KaVo Jawbone Simulator


Treatment elements positionable for left- and right-handed people.


Auswahl_Gesichtsmasken.jpg Gesichtsmasken

KaVo Facial masks

Ergonomics start with your smallest student

With the Kavo DSE Compact, teaching students to work ergonomically is already built-in. The patient simulator is easy and quick to adjust and simulates all required treatment positions. At the same time its wide range of positioning offers the best in ergonomics, from the tallest to the smallest of your students.

The patient simulator can be equipped with

  • various jaw simulators
  • teeth models and
  • face masks

in accordance with different requirements. Impression taking gets especially life-like when students sit the patient simulator up in an upright posture.

Patient Simulator – Standard Configuration

  • Pneumatic adjustment of height and inclination
  • KaVo jaw simulator G20
  • Face mask standard
  • KaVo patient head
  • New, more realistic small patient torso

Optional Configurations

  • Face mask with water drainage
  • KaVo models w/screw fixation
  • KaVo models with magnet fixation
  • Non-KaVo models can be integrated
  • All KaVo jaw simulators, e.g. G40 J/G50, etc.
  • 3rd hand holder for HVS

dsecompact_vergleich_grundriss_rgb.jpg DSECompact

Perfect to store away - Being this compact has advantages

Even the smallest student needs room. Because the KaVo DSE Compact mobile unit is so compact in size, it can be easily moved and stored under workbenches, leaving students plenty
of space to sit next to it. This allows you to install more units in constricted class rooms.


Economical to maintain

The KaVo DSE Compact is built robustly, the cabinet is stable and made of medical-grade, powder coated metal sheet. With its non-electronical, simple setup and long-lasting mechanical components, the KaVo DSE Compact has very little need for maintenance and service. And easy access to the service compartments from the front keeps regular maintenance short and convenient.


Mobile unit and cabinet chassis choices


DSE Compact - Media options




Mobile unit and cabinet chassis choices

Although it’s so compact, the KaVo DSE Compact offers ample storage space. Two students easily have enough room to separately store their jaw simulators, articulators or instrument trays in the cabinet chassis. Choose between open shelves or lockable doors. The chassis is movable and can be blocked by simply pressing the front castor’s breaks. Optionally, a pneumatic break is also available.

Standard Configuration

  • Mobile unit on castors with mechanical brakes
  • Metal cabinet with 2 open shelves
  • Disc foot control

Optional Configuration

  • Mobile unit on castors with pneumatic brakes
  • Metal cabinet with 2 doors lockable

Media options

The KaVo DSE Compact offers integrated water and wet suction or can also be connected to tap water and central suction. An additional safety valve for the water bottle supply ensures a high standard of usage safety.

Standard Configuration

  • Open access to water and wastewater tanks
  • Self-contained water tank and integrated suction (Venturi) w/waste water tank

Optional Configuration

  • Connection to central wet suction and tap water
  • Closed panel w/screw fixation to access central connection area only by service technicians

Technical data

Rated voltage (country-specific)

  • 240 V
  • 50/60 Hz

Connected loads

  • Power consumption: 8 W
  • Minimum air pressure at customer’s: 5.6 to 7 bar
  • Minimum water pressure at customer’s: max. 3 bar
  • Max. water consumption: 0.1 l/min
  • Max. air consumption with internal suction: 150 l/min
  • Max. air consumption with external suction: 60 l/min

Suction with internal extraction

  • Spray mist suction 180 l/min
  • Saliva ejector 40 l/min

Services and speed

  • Drinking water quality
  • Water hardness: 1.5 tzo 2.14 mmol/l ≈ 8.4 to 12 dH
  • Dental drives/instruments depending on type: up to 300,000 min1

Operating environment

  • Ambient temperature: 5 to 40° C
  • Relative humidity: 30 to 80 %
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