Dental Webinar

Dental Webinars

Our dental Webinars already have a long history - since 2012 everyone is able to listen to great lectures from well known dentists about different fields of dentistry, possible to watch at home or from their dental practice.

To further improve our Webinars, we have teamed up with Dental Tribune to bring you KaVo Academy - a centralized place for all our Webinars. Please head over to or see below our latest and upcoming Webinars!

Details Date
Gain time by periodontal treatment
Dr. med. dent. Carsten Stockleben
02. Mar 2016
Nasen- und Nasennebenhöhlen im 3D Röntgen Dennis Rottke
03. Feb 2016
Nose and paranasal sinuses in 3D X-ray Dennis Rottke
03. Feb 2016
Your lift to a better augmentation
Marcus Engelschalk
27. Jan 2016
Navigate – more fun in implantology: Digital diagnosis, virtual planning, navigated surgical technique
Dr. Severin Holl
16. Dec 2015
Adieu X-ray chemicals! So simple is the transition.
Tobias Bauer
25. Nov 2015
“Grinding was yesterday”: Time-saving prosthetics and reliable diagnosis of lower jaw movement by electronic registration
Ulrich Wegmann
23. Oct 2015
10 Purchase Criteria for 3-D X-ray Systems
Prof. Dr. med. Frank Liebaug
22. Jul 2015
Stress-free and cost-effective concepts for prophylaxis and periodontology
Dr. med. dent. Carsten Stockleben
24. Jun 2015
The “digital” Implantation Predictable aesthetic and functional results – easily and securely
Jesper Hatt
22. May 2015
Early detection of caries lesions with X-ray free near-infrared transillumination and appropriate treatment
PD Dr. Jan Kühnisch
13. May 2015
Indication for the 3rd dimension — CBCT’s range of applications beyond implantology
PD Dr. Dr. med. Heinz Theo Lübbers
28. Jan 2015
Targeted planning for implant and prosthetic success
Jesper Hatt
19. Nov 2014
The esthetic rehabilitation: tradition vs. innovation
Mauro Fradeani
30. Sep 2014
Concepts for prophylaxis and periodontology
Dr. med. dent. Carsten Stockleben
30. Sep 2014
Computer Aided Articulation – Perfectly unctional restorations
Ulrich Wegmann
29. Sep 2014
Advantages of microscopy in all fields of dentistry
ZA Per Fossdal
28. Sep 2014
Profit from Dental Microscope, also in your surgery
Thorsten Wegner
26. Sep 2014
How to succesfully read out a CBCT data set
Dr. Dirk Schulze
25. Sep 2014
Convincing in three sentences Is that possible
Thorsten Wegner
25. Sep 2014
Advantageous integration of 3D Imaging in your daily work
Jörg Mudrak
24. Sep 2014
Research results live
Dr. Frank Emde
24. Sep 2014
The X-ray free DIAGNOcam for caries detection, diagnosis and monitoring
PD Dr. Jan Kühnisch
23. Sep 2014
Reduce and prevent back pain
Dr. Ihsan Khaliq
21. Sep 2014
Aesthetic Improvements through prophylactic strategies
Nadine Schauflinger
21. Sep 2014