Dental X-Ray machines and diagnostics

Complete your digital dental equipment with the great dental X-ray machines from KaVo!

The KaVo Dental X-Ray machines includes world famous brands such as Gendex and Instrumentarium, offering you the best solution for your digital practice. See our dental x-ray machines including 2D Panoramic / OPG, 3D / CBCT, Imaging Plate Systems and Sensors or intraoral cameras below.

KaVo OP 3D-Vision

3D X-Ray / CBCT

Enjoy our dental 3D CBCT X-Ray machines for high quality images and highly comfortable patient positioning. Our CBCT machines offer 2D and 3D X-Ray dental imaging!

KaVo OP 3D

2D / 3D Imaging Combo-Devices

Conventional and digital dental panoramic x-ray systems for 2D & 3D (combination) for your digital dental equipment.

Panoramic x-ray images provide an overview of both jaws, show missing teeth and sites of inflammation, especially in gingival pockets and at the tip of the root.   

KaVo supplies digital and conventional panoramic x-ray systems: the quality of the panoramic x-ray images is high in any system you choose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

KaVo OP 2D

2D Panoramic / OPG Dental X-Ray

Systems for Panoramic digital X-Ray (OPG)

KaVo panoramic tomography systems provide versatile diagnostic possibilities for general dental medicine and orthodontics. The term OPG was developed within our company history from the term Orthopantomograph, which was invented in Finland and is still built there today.
KaVo OPG 2D digital x-ray units are the perfect tools for the daily routine. OPG in implantology provides an overview of the patient's health status in the oral and jaw area. It is possible to identify relationships between different anatomical structures on the digital dental X-ray and undertake post-operative monitoring after treatments. KaVo – Your specialist for OPG / panoramic dental x-ray machines.

ERGOcam one ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

Intraoral Camera & Dental Camera

Our intraoral cameras or dental cameras are among the best imaging devices on the market

KaVo Focus

Intraoral X-ray system

Read all about the smart performance of our intraoral radiographs KaVo Focus and NOMAD.

KaVo Scan eXam One

Imaging Plate Systems & X-Ray Sensors

Intraoral x-ray images are the dental x-ray images that are used most widely today. The main technologies for the creation of small x-ray images are films, imaging plates and digital sensor systems.

The benefits of imaging plate systems in contrast to film are:

  • Immediately available images
  • Digital archiving and distribution is possible
  • No opportunity for overexposure or underexposure
  • Lower patient dose
  • No harmful chemicals or dark room needed for processing

Convince yourself of the quality of the KaVo imaging plates now!

KaVo_CliniView_Navi CliniView

X-ray Software

Dental Imaging Software to take, display, edit, archive, share and manage digital images - especially dental X-rays.


Discover the world of the KaVo dental x-ray machines (dental x-ray equipment)

As the leading provider of dental x-ray diagnostic machines, KaVo has joined forces with the world’s most celebrated dental x-ray machine companies including Gendex and Instrumentarium, guaranteeing our customers the industry standard for all of their dental practice’s x-ray needs. Harmful rays, prolonged waiting periods for images and overexposure are some of the pitfalls experienced by dental health practitioners who utilise less technologically-advanced models.

At KaVo, we balance our ethical dedication and stringent adherence to industry regulations with our continued pursuit of superior and innovative calibrations to give our clients the very best. In the case of our dental x-ray diagnostic machines, we strive to improve upon traditional film-dependent models to maximise efficacy and provide rapid results for our users. Through the use of innovative imaging plate system, we’ve eradicated the aforementioned pitfalls of films while continuing to integrate the facile use and placement that film models offer.

Our dental x-ray machines guarantee clear and balanced exposure, provide a small amount of radiation exposure and do not require the use of any chemicals. Perfectly equipped to operate even in bright daylight, our dental x-ray machines ensure that images will be readily available, allowing professionals to streamline the process. The KaVo Scan exam provides professionals with the intraoral diagnostic images that they require in seconds - an unprecedented level of speed and clarity. Image settings are predetermined to allow for a smooth and facile process but also remain adjustable to accommodate customized setting preferences. To save you time, money and provide continuity, our imaging plates are designed for repeated use, guaranteeing superior image quality every time. Ideal for chairside use, this convenient and highly adaptable dental x-ray machine fits in any office space, and is efficient enough to be used by your entire practice staff without compromising its production speed and quality.

KaVo has the dental x-ray equipment for diagnostics with the knowledge that many members of your dental health practice many be oriented to traditional film models. It is always our goal to increase the speed, sharpness and accuracy of your office’s workflow and not to disrupt or disorient your process. This is why, with all our dental x-ray machines, we strive to seamlessly integrate the old and the new, making certain that our systems function seamlessly in your office without a learning curve, always enhancing the cohesion and productivity of your work environment and never detracting from it. For superior dental radiography choose KaVo’s Scan eXam / Scan eXam One. As the industry’s number one choice for rapid and reliable results, without the possibility of under or overexposure, Scan eXam functions seamlessly, providing a wide array of quality images and providing our users with the highest standard of clinical results in a matter of seconds.

At KaVo dental we design all of our dental x-ray products with hygiene in mind, significantly reducing concerns around office sanitation for practitioners and patients alike.


KaVo Dental X-Ray Machines – we continue the success story

The success story of this dental x-ray technology began in 1946, when Prof. Y. V. Paatero presented an initial technical study. Some 15 years later, the Finnish company Palomex (later PaloDEx) introduced the first Orthopantomograph (OPG), the so-called OP1.

The successor models by the brand name of Instrumentarium Dental initiated a unique success story in dental radiography.

Today's standard procedure for panoramic images replaced the previous costly single tooth images and, in 1978, the orthopantomograph even became a protected brand name.

PaloDEx has been a member of the KaVo Group since 2009.

This combines KaVo's 100+ years of know-how and innovative strength in dental equipment with the experience in dental x-ray equipment acquired by Instrumentarium Dental. The most recent technological milestone of this symbiosis complements KaVo's portfolio as a full-service provider of dental x-ray machines.

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