Dental Teacher

The quickest way to evaluate student preparations

KaVo Dental Teacher is the quickest way to evaluate student preparations. The Dental Teacher System includes a 3D scanner, PC and 3 software modules for preparation validation, virtual articulation and virtual wax-up.

 Fast and objective preparation evaluation


with KaVo Dental Teacher

  • Objective validation, computer-based
  • Only takes two minutes
  • Result in metrics with clear graphics
  • Result in document form, student can optimise his work based on facts
  • Always available. 24/7
  • Students can test themselves

without KaVo Dental Teacher

  • Subjective validation, human-based
  • Average of 5 – 10 minutes
  • Feedback only verbal, descriptive
  • No document, student needs to remember what to optimise
  • Only available during teacher’s working hours
  • Student needs to wait for teacher

KaVo Dental Teacher – The quickest way to evaluate student preparations

 Objective, automatic and computer-based. It´s easy to handle and very quick.
 The whole process just takes 2 minutes


teacher-preparation.jpg Dental Teacher

1. Preparation

teacher-scan.jpg Dental Teacher

3. Scan

teacher-extraction.jpg Dental Teacher

2. Extraction

teacher-task.jpg Dental Teacher

4.Load task

teacher-result.jpg Dental Teacher

5. Result



Articulation training made easy

dentalteacher_monitor-1.jpg Dental Teacher

Teaching occlusion, articulation and functional jaw movements can be frustrating when using only pictures and papers. The KaVo Virtual Articulator guides the student through the occlusal surface.

dentalteacher_monitor-2.jpg Dental Teacher

The students learn easily because they can see how each section of the tooth morphology interacts with its antagonist during the movement.

Virtual wax-up

dentalteacher_monitor-3.jpg Dental Teacher

Great for learning how to wax-up artificial dentition for preclinic and patient treatment. Perfect for training on using CAD-CAM technology from the very beginning.


KaVo Arctica 3D Optical Scanner

Dimension 440 x 500 x 450 mm
Weight Approx.. 25 kg
Supply voltage 100-240V, AC, 50-60Hz
Accuracy 20 μm
Output data format STL


DELL T 1700

Dimension 360 x 435 x 175 mm
Weight Approx. 10 kg
Supply voltage 100-240V, AC, 50-60 Hz

Dental-Teacher_UniMalmoe Dental Teacher Uni Malmö

Interesting downloads

KaVo interviewed the Faculty for Dentistry of the University of Malmö, Sweden. Here's what they said about KaVo Dental Teacher:

PDF iconKaVo Dental Teacher interview



Dental-Teacher_Screen Dental Teacher Screenshot

Here you can find some screenshots of our Dental Teacher software:

PDF iconKaVo Dental Teacher screenshots


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