The extractor unit with that little bit extra

KaVo EXTRAmatic equipped with brushless motors - fresh air for three plus minimal costs: hardly any filter costs, low maintenance costs, extremely energy-saving.

EXTRAmatic_760_FLEXspace.jpg EXTRAmatic

Multi-user dust extraction with long-lasting durability and a brushless motor

Brushless extraction motor

  • No mechanical friction
  • Motor has a significantly longer service life
  • No carbon brushes to replace
  • Minimal replacement, servicing and maintenance costs

Protects health in three ways

  • Its self-cleaning filter system ensures that there is no drop in the extraction level
  • Its double ABSORBA long-term filter reliably absorbs all dust particles (coarse and fine) there's no longer any need for a filter bag
  • Activated carbon filter for plastic vapours

Easy to use

  • 3 extraction points: 1 unit for 3 dental laboratory workstations
  • Programmable LCD screen: an optimum extraction level can be configured and programmed for each extraction point individually

Large selection

  • 4 models
  • Extensive accessories

Carbon brush motors are becoming a thing of the past

The carbon brushes supply the commutator with electricity through constant contact. This mechanical friction causes a great deal of wear and tear. The commutator supplies electricity to the armature.

Brushless motor

  • The magnetic rotating field is generated electrically by the stator windings.
  • Because the magnet is not in direct contact with the rotating magnetic field, no friction is generated and the brushless micro motor experiences almost no wear and tear. This results in a significantly longer running time.




Benefits for dental technicians

  • No need to replace carbon brushes.
  • Minimal spare parts costs over the entire product life thanks to the long-lasting motor.
  • Minimal servicing and maintenance costs.
  • No effort to use and causes no disruption to work.

Benefits for the lab

  • Particularly suited to use in multiple shifts or continuous operation.
  • Significantly longer product life because there is no mechanical friction.
  • Less idle time and greater reliability.



Benefits to health

  • The ABSORBA long-term filter system has an integrated duplex safety filter for maximum health .
  • Mit optional eingelegtem Aktivkohlefilter scheidet Ihre KaVo EXTRAmatic auch Kunststoffdämpfe ab.

Cost efficiency

  • An automatic switch-on mechanism means that the extraction motor runs only when the air requires it, saving valuable energy and making it more efficient than central extraction systems.
  • The intelligent KaVo self-cleaning system saves you money on servicing, filter and disposal costs on a daily basis.
  • The purified, extracted air is circulated back into the room, providing real savings on heating costs.


  • Extraction levels can be programmed individually for each extraction point, thus offering perfect extraction management.
  • Practical accessories mean that KaVo EXTRAmatic can be integrated with any laboratory benching programmes, any external workplace and, best of all, with the KaVo MASTERspace and FLEXspace equipment lines.

The extraction level you need

With the control panel, you can set the levels you need quickly and easily. Whatever extraction level you need, it is easy to configure KaVo EXTRAmatic to meet your exact requirements.

Centralised control

Its automatic switch-on mechanism means that the extraction motor runs only when necessary, saving valuable energy.

Giving you the extraction level you need, when you need it

Depending on the device and material you are working with, choose between 24, 36, 48 or 72 l/sec.

  • 24 l/sec.: e.g. if you are working with gold or model casting at a laboratory workstation.
  • 36 l/sec.: e.g. if you are working with plastic, gypsum or using a sandblaster.
  • 72 l/sec.: e.g. if you are using a shape grinder or cast saw.

EXTRAmatic simply adjusts to meet your current extraction level requirements.


The KaVo EXTRAmatic is available in three different sizes: 760, 835 and 910mm. At 225mm wide and 600mm deep, it fits neatly into any laboratory space, whatever the layout. With its silver-grey colouring, EXTRAmatic FLEXspace 760 blends perfectly with the entire KaVo FLEXspace laboratory equipment range.

4 Models

EXTRAmatic 760 EXTRAmatic_760_FLEXspace.jpg EXTRAmatic EXTRAmatic_835.jpg EXTRAmatic EXTRAmatic_910.jpg EXTRAmatic
Mat. Nr. 1.003.3001
760 x 225 x 600 mm
FLEXspace 760
Mat. Nr. 1.003.5558
760 x 225 x 600 mm

Mat. Nr. 1.003.3002
760 x 225 x 600 mm

Mat. Nr. 1.003.3003
910 x 225 x 600 mm


Name Value
Width 225 mm
Depth 600 mm
Height 760-790 mm
835-865 mm
910-940 mm
(30mm adjustable range)
Weight 48/49/50 kg
Voltage ranges 100-120 V 50-60 Hz
230 V 50-60 Hz
Power rating Max. 1,100 Watt for extractor unit; max. additional 1,900 Watt for connected equipment
Consumption power rating max. 3000 Watt
Protection class I
Contamination level 2
Overvoltage category II
Filter area 1,4 m2
Max. negative pressure 180 mbar
Extraction level Level I: 24 SE
Level II: 36 SE
Level III: 48 SE
Level IV: 72 SE
1 unit is approx. 1 l/sec.


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