KaVo SMARTair: The new generation of powerful KaVo single-place extraction systems is here. Choose the more powerful and quieter suction system and benefit from many advantages.

The new generation of powerful KaVo single-place extraction systems is here

Choose the more powerful and quieter suction system and benefit from the following advantages:


  • Simple operation using touch panel
  • Optimum health protection
  • Convincing suction power from 18 to 32 l/sec
  • Permits sensational price/performance ratio
  • Modern optical system and customary KaVo quality
  • Jack for foot switch or K-Control connecting cable
  • Simple and fast filter change
  • Perfect protection from very fine dusts
  • Includes 2 filter bags
  • 3-filter system: combined use of filter bags, very fine filter and carbon filter possible
  • Fits into any installation
  • Quiet as a whisper
  • 2 models: Filter drawer or free-standing
  • Ideal for replacement of existing standard or universal units: same dimensions, same filters


Only one dust extraction system for all dusts and vapours

Convert your SMARTair into a plastic extraction system. You require no additional models and no extension for this. Simply insert the absorption filter and you are ready.


  • Best price/performance ratio on the market
  • Demand the best performance for your health
  • Proven 10,000 times in recent years


    • Housing: Filter drawer or free-standing version
    • Performance: Basic or "plus" version
    • Free choice of filters for all models
    • Normal filter bag (standard)
    • Very fine filter (optional) supplied as standard in the "plus" version
    • Absorption filter (optional)
    • Extensive range of accessories
    • Safety screen, fine gold sieve, suction hood


    • Automatic/continuous operation
    • Suction power over 4 suction levels
    • Response sensitivity at press of a button

    Additional features

    • K-Control connecting cable, optional
    • Installation set for tables from other manufacturers
    • Automatic suction power adjustment/automatic cut-off in "plus" version

    Health protection

    Very fine dust (particle size < 5 µm) is hazardous to health (in some cases carcinogenic) in the dental laboratory; causing lung diseases and allergies.


    • The dusts are picked up by the powerful SMARTair, supported by safety screen and suction hood
    • Retention of 99.99% of the coarse dusts in the filter bag
    • Retention of 99.99% of the very fine dusts in the very fine filter
    • Elimination of plastic vapours in the absorption filter (if necessary)

    Further highlights

    • Response sensitivity (automatic switch-on)
    • Easy manual adjustment using the touch panel
    • Through direct K-Control connecting cable (optional)
    • Suction power: Optimal suction power from 18 to 32 l/sec
    • Noise levels: Little noise owing to finely tuned suction levels
    • Design: The SMARTair will be an eyecatcher in your laboratory

    Technical data

    Designation Value
    Dimensions: W/H/D (drawer) 450/540/510 mm
    Dimensions: W/H/D (mobile) 420/270/430 mm
    Weight 18 kg
    Voltage ranges 100 V 50-60 Hz und 230 V 50-60 Hz
    Rated power consumption max. 1000 Watt
    Suction power Stufe I 15 l/s
    Stufe II 22 l/s
    Stufe III 25 l/s
    Stufe IV 30 l/s
    Housing ABS (impact-resistant, noncorroding)
    Suction pressure 1200 ms (water column)
    Suction efficiency 99.99% of very fine dust (<2 µm)
    Suction efficiency with very fine filter 99.99% of very fine dust (<2 µm)
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