Dental Laboratory Equipment FLEXspace

Customised laboratory furnishings

KaVo FLEXspace: Customised dental laboratory equipment - flexible, modular furnishing programms.

KaVo FLEXspace star


FLEXspace means individuality

In times when more and more flexibility is required, demands from laboratory furnishings are higher. Not just with regard to the choice: you can choose from 10 different front colours and 6 different work bench surfaces. The proven TECHdent material (glass fibre-reinforced concrete) can be integrated as an inlay in any laminate covering.

New assembly versions, such as the star combination, provide new possibilities for your laboratory. You retain flexibility because the ergonomically correct table height can easily be obtained by the integrated height adjustment. The air hand nozzle and handpiece passage can be easily changed over for left or right-handed use. Suspended or roller containers, including ones with high-quality aluminium handles, provide storage space.


KaVo FLEXspace single

FLEXspace offers value

KaVo function and quality at attractive value for money prices. Economical for efficiently working in the long term. Modular design is a safe investment as when you move, the furnishings can be moved and set up in a new situation, and the table height is adjustable to suit new circumstances.


KaVo FLEXspace workplace

 That much flexibility inspires 

  • For dry area, plaster and casting areas.
  • KaVo FLEXspace offers six different basic elements in two heights (83 and 91 cm) and three widths (30, 50 and 60 cm).
  • This creates perceptibly more flexibility e.g. in practice laboratories and confined spaces.

With sophisticated system solutions, FLEXspace can be adapted to individual workplace demands and your personal style.

FS_Hoehe.jpg FLEXspace

Height adjustment

Optimum ergonomics due to the unique height adjustment via five lock-in positions from 82 to 94.5 cm. A total of 12.5 cm, front position set via swivel feet, rear position via Allen screw connection, all can be set easily by hand.

fs_funktionszeile.jpg FLEXspace

Function cell left-/right-handed users

Easily change the side at which the air nozzle and handpiece feedthrough reside according to need, even after years of use. For the other side, choose between drawer and fixed panel. For perfect workstations!

FS_Medienbox.jpg FLEXspace

Media box

Perfect organisation afforded by central, compact media box for all connectors. 2-fold country-specific socket, gas tap, opening for Bunsen burner hose and handpiece feedthrough.

fs_funktionszelle_mitte.jpg FLEXspace

Central function cell

In the top half, you have a choice between the following options:

  • 50 cm waste drawer

  • extraction panel for EXTRAmatic or central extraction

  • SMARTair

fs_funktionszelle_mitte_unten.jpg FLEXspace

In the bottom half, you can choose from

  • 50 cm waste drawer
  • 20 cm/30 cm waste drawers


FLEXspace container


Functionality made easy! Choose from different suspended containers with or without locking system. Containers with a double locking system are available for study purposes. These can be mounted at any time on the left or right side.



FLEXspace optional elements

Optional elements

Design your table individually with optional elements such as side panels, shelves, light, and board.

  • Side options
    Metal side panel plus interior decoration, available in ten colours. Side shelf for 90° endpiece.
  • AS board
    Board for work trays optionally available.
  • Light
    1 x 55 W, 3,000 lux (measured at a light-to-table distance of 50 cm). Various illuminants to choose from. Luminous colour: 5,400 Kelvin Can be adjusted individually and purposely to any position The intensity of the illumination can be varied through changing the distance in height to the working field. The handle allows the lamp head to be moved ergonomically over the entire worktop.


FLEXspace dust extraction

Dust extraction

Based on the number and installation location of the workstations, select from:

Multi-user workstation dust extraction

Single-user workstation dust extraction
SMARTair plus



FLEXspace panel materials

Panel materials (total height 4 cm) 

  • FORMdent (plastic-coated, water-proof, non-glare and/or finely structured surface, non-detachable cast edge on all sides, easy-care)
  • STEELdent(stainless steel plate, 1.25 mm thick, with anti-drumming coating and support panel, easy-care surfaces with all-round bead and/or raised edge; all fittings are welded in)
  • TERRAdent(highly resistant tiles with epoxy resin joints, acid- and heat-resistant)
  • ROCKdent(impact-, pressure- and abrasion-resistant; anti-stick surface prevents bonding to dental materials; made from an environmentally friendly material)



Wild pear
Wildbirne Laminat
Gentian blue
Pastel green
wave_front.jpg FLEXspace


Table top coatings

Wild pear Laminat
fs_nussbaum.jpg FLEXspace
Maple Laminat
birke.jpg FLEXspace
Laminat Carrara
carrara_rechteck.jpg MASTERspace_Farben
Multiplex Beech
buche_multiplex_rechteck.jpg MASTERspace_Front
rockdent_rechteck.jpg MASTERspace_Farben
Anthracite Laminat
anthrazit.jpg FLEXspace

KaVo FLEXspace adapts perfectly to any spatial situation

3-user star island 3er-stern.jpg FLEXspace 3er-stern-bild.jpg FLEXspace
3-user circular island 3er-rund.jpg FLEXspace fs_3er-rund-bild.jpg FLEXspace
3-user standard 3er-standard.jpg FLEXspace fs_3er-standard-bild.jpg FLEXspace
4-user workstation with Extramatic 4er-extramatic.jpg FLEXspace 4er-extramatic-bild.jpg FLEXspace
2-user workstation with Extramatic 2er-extramatic.jpg FLEXspace 2er-extramatic-bild.jpg FLEXspace
Single-user workstation with extension 1er-verlaengerung.jpg FLEXspace 1er-verlaengerung-bild.jpg FLEXspace
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