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KaVo ERGOgrip – Get the ergonomics and efficiency with the best KaVo quality. Relaxed working with the K-ERGOgrip.

ERGOgrip - KaVo quality, performance, and ergonomics

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The art of dental technology is complex

Despite the intricate nature of the work itself, the long periods of maximum concentration typical of complex laboratory tasks often require a lot of stamina. The angle one's wrist needs to be set at in order to work with conventional laboratory drives or handpieces can place dental technicians under significant strain.

Developed and designed in accordance with anatomical needs, KaVo’s new K-ERGOgrip laboratory drive is a perfect and logical solution to this problem, as well as weighing even less. The new KaVo K-ERGOgrip is also significantly more compact, at just 140 mm in length.


Potential performance statistics are one thing

Putting this potential to best use is something else entirely. The ability of the KaVo K-ERGOgrip to offer even more is in evidence in its daily application. You've simply got to hand it to the concept of this innovative laboratory drive.

Continuous power at its very best

The groundbreaking grip ergonomics of KaVo’s K-ERGOgrip facilitate prolonged fatigue free working. The drive unit’s resilient mechanics have also been designed with optimum performance in mind. Vibration-free and with apparent ease, the collectorless DC motor makes its hight orque power available in a speed range from 1,000 to 50,000 rpm.


Precision and relaxation = K-ERGOgrip

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The KaVo “relax bonus”: elongated angle for optimum ergonomics at work

Absolute perfection at your fingertips. Working in partnership with Germany’s Fraunhofer research institute, KaVo’s handpiece, whose design reflects the very best in ergonomics, is an absolute masterpiece. As part of the process of creating a handpiece for the KaVo K-ERGOgrip laboratory drive which would provide the ideal response to working needs, video analyses and practical tests involving volunteers were carried out.

The significantly reduced bend of the wrist supports a much more relaxed grip, optimising working conditions and enabling technicians to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Now, even tedious and complex tasks requiring maximum precision can be mastered “at the flick of a wrist”.


K-ERGOgrip - recipient of the IF Award

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The K-ERGOgrip handpiece is a recipient of the IF Award.
The award was based mainly on the ergonomics that was the main focus in the development of this handpiece.
"The resulting shape of the grip ensures fatigue-free working. Its design length is much reduced as compared to other commercial handpieces which affords a better distribution of the weight in the user's hand. In order to be able to adapt the handpiece to different anatomical situations (large/small hands), the device is provided with a second gripping sleeve that is easy to exchange."
Source: ISBN-10: 3-7643-7471-3, page 648

Performance is everything. K-ERGOgrip is even more.

Ease and convenience

  • Sophisticated handpiece geometry
    No wrist bending angle and a working posture that is gentle to the joints

  • Exchangeable grip sleeve
    Adaptation to individual preference

  • Short overall length and lightweight
    Optimum distribution of weight

  • Minimal heating
    Feels pleasant during you work

  • Time-proven softgrip inlets
    For fatigue-free work and pleasant haptics

  • 50,000 rpm in counterclockwise rotation as well
    Well-suited for left-handers


  • High torque of 7Ncm
    For more power

  • Up to 50,000 rpm in clockwise rotation
    For all common materials

  • New chuck system
    Optimum force transmission due to a 40 % higher retention force


  • Brush- and sensorless motor
    Reduced service periods and reduced maintenance cost

  • Extremely high concentricity
    Low transfer of vibrations

  • Ball bearing with patented, dirt-repellent sealing system
    For maximum stability

  • Removal of the chuck for cleaning without tools
    For rapid and easy ball bearing change

  • Stronger chuck grip
    For maximum reliability

  • Robust and patented one-shaft system
    For long service life and less vibration



Select between table, knee or foot control

steuergeraete.jpg K-ERGOgrip

The functions of the KaVo K-ERGOgrip can be controlled either directly on the central table‑top unit or via a connected knee or foot control.

  • 4 Preselectable programmes (material-dependent)
  • settable torque
  • Four-colour display (program-dependent)

Individual users can create performance profiles to meet their specific requirements by presetting and saving torque and speed values in four programs. The maximum values for speed and torque can be set separately and independently of these programs.


Select and store quickly and easily

display_farblich4.jpg K-ERGOgrip

4 storable programmes:

  • Save within 4 seconds and thus a 4-second speed control function.

  • 4-colour display for easy distinction.

  • Quick access to the preset speeds and torque for repeated work by simply pressing the speed control.

KaVo K-ERGOgrip performance data

Name Data
Speed 1,000 - 50,000 rpm in clockwise operation
No limit in anti-clockwise operation


max. 7 Ncm
Power max. 160 Watt
Chuck system Retention force min. 100 N
Chuck exchange without tools
Temperature increase when operating Extra low + 5°K
 Dimensions L = 140 mm short
D = 28 - 38 mm oval for peeling handle
D = 11 mm stylus position
Weight Dental handpiece 202 g
cable 107 g
Ease and convenience 2K Softgrip shank
Two different, exchangeable ergonomic handles
Optimum hand-arm angle
Easy to service Low number of component parts
One-shaft system (only 2 screw connections for exchanging both ball bearings)
Control Can be connected to K-Control TLC control units with knee, foot and table versions (and old K-Control knee, foot, table)
Actuation of accessory devices with K-Control TLC via 12-V relay
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