Dental Leica Microscope M320

Sharp to the smallest detail

The high-quality optics, high magnification, and bright daylight-temperature LED light coupled with ergonomic design features, ensure that the Leica M320 responds to the demands of a wide range of dental specialties.


Dental microscope Leica M320

The highlights of the dental Leica microscope

  • Leica optics: the new paradigm of seeing
  • Leica LED illumination: a global debut in dental medicine
  • Leica Full HD imaging technology: the benchmark for image sharing and documentation
  • Leica ergonomics: convenience for more efficiency
  • Leica design: aesthetic, hygienic, innovative, refined - find all in the dental Leica microscope

The dentalmicroscope Leica M320 for dentists!


Dentalmicroscope Leica M320

Unparalleled positioning flexibility - Dentalmicroscope Leica M320

In addressing the requirements of the dentist, Leica Microsystems went beyond the refinement of optics and LED illumination and also focused on ease of use and maneuverability.

  • All of the system articulations are exactly where they need to be and move with high-level precision.
  • The microscope can be effortlessly positioned anywhere.
  • The sophisticated mechanical engineering is easy to feel while using the microscope, and the stand features vibration-minimizing bearings for overall stability.


Dentalmicroscope Leica M320

Optimal Working preferences

The Leica M320 F12 adapts to individual working preferences as the dentist can choose either a perpendicular or inclined arm.


Leica M320 Dentalmikroskop

Leica ergonomics – convenience for more efficiency

The dentist can select from an assortment of product accessories to ideally suit his or her working preferences and medical specializations. For example, Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of binoculars and objective lenses, the choice of a single or dual handle, and the patented Leica ergonomics modules: ErgoWedge™ and ErgoOptic Dent™. The result: a unique, customized microscope designed for the personal comfort of every user.


Dentalmicroscope Leica M320

Leica optics: the new paradigm of seeing

No other optics brand is associated with more prestige and heritage than Leica. To the general public, the name stands for the highest quality photography; in the medical profession, it is respected by surgeons and microsurgeons.

Crystal clear apochromatic optical quality is the core component of Leica Microsystems’ high-level surgical microscopes. The same applies to the Leica M320. Its optical system allows you to see more details than ever before. As the world’s first configuration with LED illumination, the Leica M320 opens up new dimensions in vision: absolutely crisp, clear, and bright images with amazing depth of field for dental surgery and procedures.


LED technology in a dental microscope: a global debut

It is aesthetic, cost effective, and ecologically sound, while producing excellent quality illumination. Daylight-temperature LEDs provide high fidelity image colors. LEDs have no start-up delay: when switched on, they instantly deliver full light output. Additionally, because LEDs are small and compact, they are conducive to attractive product design approaches.

Modern LED technology

Finally, the 60,000-hour lifetime of an LED bulb exceeds that of conventional light sources by far and eliminates the need to replace fiber optic cables as well. All in all, LED illumination significantly reduces cost of ownership.


kosten-laufdauer.gif Leica M320 Dentalmikroskop

rot.gif Leica M320 Dentalmikroskop   Leica M320 with LED

blau.gif Leica M320 Dentalmikroskop   Other Microscopes with Halogen

gruen.gif Leica M320 Dentalmikroskop   Other Microscopes with Xenon

Comparison is based on initial purchase price, average consumption of bulbs and periodic fiber optic cable replacement costs.



Leica optics with LED

Leica optics with LED – a highlight in dental medicine.

Leica Microsystems’ optics system with LED delivers more light and enhanced detail for precise dental surgery. This can mean better patient outcomes and faster results.


Leica M320 - Full HD imaging

Full HD imaging - Convenient data transfer

Store images and videos on SD card or transfer data via USB cable directly to your patient records. This facilitates integration of patient data and images into your dental practice.

The Leica imaging technology makes it easy to share information for teaching or consultation purposes, document cases, keep records, present at meetings, and a wide variety of different uses. Visual resources have become part of dental care and are instrumental for positioning in the competitive environment. Dentists who can visualize their skills gain trust.


Fast and effective patient communication

A picture says more than a thousand words! Show your patient what you see by utilizing individual recording and replay functions, thus allowing you to actively include them in consultation and treatment.

Intuitive real time documentation

Today, patient documentation plays an ever increasing role within your practice. With user-friendly, integrated Full HD recording, essential data can be captured with only a push of a button, with no interruption of your workflow.

Electrical data

Power socket 100–240 V AC (±10%), 50/60 Hz
Fuse 2 × T 6.3 A/250 V
Power consumption Leica M320 F12/C12/W12/FP12: 100 VA
Safety class Class I
Control unit Connection sockets for: Power cable, Video: HDMI / BNC

Surgical microscope

Magnification Manual APOchromatic 5-step magnification changer
Stereo base 24 mm
Objectives Fixed focal lengths from f=100 mm up to f=400 mm
Fine focusing lenses with f=200, 250, 300 mm
Eyepiece 10×21B, 12.5×17B, 8.33×22B, 10×21B with reticule
Reset functions Limit switch for light on/off
Light source Direct and long-lasting 2-LED illumination with average service life of 60,000 h
UV filter UV and IR-free LED illumination
Built-in orange filter OG530
Light intensity adjustment Using a drive knob on the optics carrier

Measure and Stands

Max extension range 1775 mm (fully stretched for the inclined version)
Base 608 × 608 mm (footprint)
Transportation height Min 1621 mm
Balancing range Min 1.1 kg to max 4 kg load on the optics carrier
Brake system Fine adjustable mechanical brakes for all rotation axes with detachable brake
System weight Max load ca. 116 kg
Stand options Leica C12 Ceiling mount, Leica W12 Wall mount, Leica FP12 Floor plate, wheeled stand F12, adaptation to KaVo CENTRO column


Binocular tubes Selection of fixed and variable observation angle
Handles Two options: sterilizable and disinfectable
Knobs and protective glass Sterilizable
ErgoWedge 5° to 25° adjustment range for binocular tube with fixed angle
ErgoOptic Dent With 52° rotation range for binocular tube 0° to 180° variable angle

Optical data

Range of magnification 1.5× – 40× with 10× eyepieces
Field of view 5.3 mm to 206 mm with 10× eyepiece 

Video accessories

Leica M320 Full HD video and photo camera Integrated (optional) Full HD video camera with 1080p video resolution and 10-Megapixel still photo resolution, camera also has playback function for video and photo and thumbnail view, video (MPEG-4) and photo (jpg) storage on SD memory card (system comes with a 4GB SD memory card), data transfer to PC via USB, video signal available in HDMI and analog (PAL/NTSC selectable), video storage optionally on external recording system, video/photo control through IR remote control and two hard keys on camera body, all camera settings with onscreen menu
Remote control IR-remote control for Leica M320s Full HD Video & Photo  
Leica M320 IVA Integrated Video Adapter Integrated (optional) video adapter for attachment of external c-mount cameras, focal length of optics: f=55 mm


Ambient conditions

Use +10°C to +40°C
+50°F to +104°F
30% to 75% relative humidity
500 mbar to 1060 mbar atmospheric pressure
Storage –30°C to +70°C
–22°F to +158°F
10% to 100% relative humidity
500 mbar to 1060 mbar atmospheric pressure


Guideline 93/42/EEC for medical products. Classification: Class I, in compliance with appendix IX, rule 1, with reference to rule 12 of the directive. Medical Electrical Equipment, Part 1: General Requirements for Safety IEC 60601-1; EN 60601-1; UL60601-1; CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 601.1-M90. Electromagnetic compatibility IEC 60601-1-2; EN 60601-1-2. Leica Microsystems (Schweiz) AG holds the management system certificates for the international standards ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 relating to quality management, quality assurance and environmental management. IEC/EN 60825-1 Safety of laser devices.

Limitations on use

The Leica M320 surgical microscope may be used in enclosed rooms and on flat surfaces with max. 0.3° unevenness; or at stable walls or ceilings that fulfill Leica Microsystems' specifications (see installation manual)

Leica Microscopes: Patient movie for your waiting room

This movie explains your patients the most important benefits of a treatment with the microscope.


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