Dental Products

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Dental Instruments

KaVo offers a high quality range of contra-angles, dental handpieces, dental turbines, Multiflex couplings, as well as Sonic Scaler, prophylaxis, dental laser for you and much more.

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Dental practice equipment

KaVo offers a wide variety of dentist equipment including dental chairs, dental units and dentist stools, operating lights, dental multimedia systems, dental microscopes and further accessories for dental units and dentist chairs.

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Dental X-Ray machines and diagnostics

The KaVo Dental X-Ray machines includes world famous brands such as Gendex and Instrumentarium, offering you the best solution for your digital practice. See our dental x-ray machines including 2D Panoramic / OPG, 3D / CBCT, Imaging Plate Systems and Sensors or intraoral cameras below.

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Dental Lab Equipment

Everything you need for your dental lab in one place. KaVo excellence: the partner for your dental laboratory. Lab handpieces, dental equipment, dust extraction systems, articulators, facebows, function diagnostics and much more.

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Dental education

The KaVo preclinical education portfolio is extremely versatile and effective. From cast tooth through dental simulation units to entire multimedia training islands, KaVo is a leading equipper for universities worldwide.

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Accessories & Upgrades

Retain and improve the performance of your treatment unit with performance products. Add value to your practice.

  • PROTECT +: Protect yourself, your patients, your team and your KaVo treatment unit.
  • UPGRADE +: To optimise, refurbish and expand your treatment unit.

KaVo Dental Products

KaVo is a dental products manufacturer with a wide range of dental products and supplies which continually prevail above our competitors as the international choice for reliability and excellence. Our line of dental products is fortified by our wide supply of dental instruments, featuring our KaVo Master Series, KaVo Expert Series and KaVo Smart Series. Outstanding for their unrivaled combination of precision, customization and efficiy, encour dental instruments are designed to make dental procedures less arduous, increasing satisfaction among our customers and the patients that they serve. KaVo’s handpieces are marked by superior innovation in straight and contra-angle structuring to maximize visibility and comfort for health dental practitioners.

Our line of dental products holds the prestige of bringing the world’s most technologically-advanced dental chairs to the marketplace. One could say that our range of dental chairs are almost customized, with design innovations that are inspired by our clients’ ideals. Our dental chairs offer a range of features including the automated hygiene functions and intuitive operation modes. Championed by over thirty-thousand reputable and discerning clinical practices around the world, The KaVo Primus 1058 dental chair is a tried and true contribution to any thriving dental health practice.

All our dental products are created with longevity in mind and made with the finest materials available on the market. Beyond our procedure enhancing and time-saving features, the high technological standard of KaVo’s products guarantees more efficiency in product operation, virtually eliminating instances of significant operative malfunction and consistently offering opportunities for system upgrades so that your financial investment is perpetually optimized.

The excellence and diversity of our company has fostered alliances with superior x-ray brands such as Gendex and Instrumentarium. KaVo Dental’s x-ray and diagnostic dental product line encompasses the necessary tools for all of your dental practice’s x-ray and imaging needs. Featuring our 2D Panoramic / OPG, 3D / CBCT Imaging Combo Devices, our dental products provide panoramic as well as conventional imaging in digital and conventional modes providing our clients with every possible imaging option for the most effective and efficient results. Our full array of dental x-ray products includes everything from high resolution x-ray software for your office desktop to daylight-operable Imaging Plate Systems & Sensors for supreme Intraoral x-ray images.

KaVo CAD/CAM dental products provide an unprecedented level of flexibility, simplicity and success throughout the process, always keeping the professional’s budgetary and aesthetic goals in mind. Through the comprehensive provision of all crucial components, from design software to materials, scanners and mills, we afford dental experts the diversity of choices as well as the stylistic and technical structure that need for an efficient and state-of-the-art finish.

KaVo dental’s products also include the world’s finest dental laboratory equipment and readily accessible online innovative webinars, other educational resources and a growing availability of features and additions to enhance and adapt KaVo dental products to better suit your needs as the technology of the dental industry continues to evolve.