Prophylaxis Workflow - STEP 6

STEP 6 – Caries detection

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Detecting caries so easily and reliably.

The DIAGNOdent pen will show you what dangers lie ahead. It‘s quick AND it‘s reliable. With its virtually unbeatable 90% success rate, the DIAGNOdent pen‘‘s LASER fluorescence detector is the perfect method for identifying fissure caries, proximal caries and periodontitis (with the Perio probe). 

The table base-station offers additional comfort, with a large-scale status and diagnosis display.

Learn more about our KaVo DIAGNOdent pen ...


DIAGNOcam_2012_mit_Glow12 workflow

KaVo DIAGNOcam – completely revealing.

With your KaVo DIAGNOcam you will get images that give you additional insight – immediately, without X-ray radiation, for even greater diagnostic reliability. 

KaVo DIAGNOcam uses the structures of the tooth as light conductors. Simultaneously, a digital video camera, captures the context.

KaVo DIAGNOcam - Optimum diagnosis – thanks to top quality images.


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So easy for you. 

  • Perfect results in every application
  • Reliable detection of fissure and proximal caries, plus calculus detection in perio-pockets
  • Early detection of hidden caries, due to the high-tech LASER
  • Wireless and convenient

So pleasant for your patients. 

  • Maintenance and care of healthy tooth tissue
  • Pain-free detection
  • Higher level of patient trust due to more evidence-based diagnosis



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Field report by Sylvia Fresmann, Dülmen​

The terms prophylaxis and prevention are becoming the central focus of public interest and also play a major role in dental consultations. The trend is going from restorative dentistry to conservative, prophylactic dentistry. Prevention is also of special importance in the area of implantology. Tooth implants can only be maintained with systematic and professional prophylaxis over the course of an entire lifetime.

Individual prevention concept 

Understanding prophylaxis as an integral concept, with different elements which are inter-related like cog wheels in a gearbox. The focus is on the patient for all considerations. Without patient compliance, no sophisticated concept of this kind can fully develop. In our prophylactic area, we put the primary focus on KaVo products: the prophylactic chair, scaler, air polishing unit, caries diagnosis tool, prophylactic contra-angle and intraoral camera all originate from Biberach. 

Tooth cleaning with scaler and the air polishing unit 

The SONICflex acoustic scaler has proven to be very effective in prevention. The filigree structure of the tips, makes it possible to access even hard-to-reach root areas and furcations. Compared to the curette, patients find the use to be considerably less painful. The minimum noise creation, even at full speed, is particularly advantageous for patients with anxiety. We use the PROPHYFLEX 3 for the air polishing treatment after scaling, if it is required. The cannula is constructed in such a way, that the powder jet is perfectly concentrated. The flow-rate of the powder - we use PROHYpearls - is optimally tailored to the cannula, interruptions or blockages do not occur. A major ergonomic advantage is that work on hard-to-reach areas, is made easier with the 360° rotatable cannula. 

Caries diagnosis and periodontitis prophylaxis

The DIAGNOdent pen is used as a supporting detection tool, for early caries diagnosis, following polishing. The machine is used in particular on children and adolescents, before the fissure is sealed. The values determined are documented and make it possible to monitor longitudinally, teeth in danger of caries development and to prove the success of the preventative measures. Furthermore, the DIAGNOdent pen is used in supporting periodontal therapy. With a special Perio Probe, we scan periodontal pockets for any remaining calculus and then remove it cleanly and efficiently, with the SONICflex acoustic scaler. The need for professional prophylaxis will considerably increase over the next few years, because: more and more people retain their own teeth until an advanced age - a result of continuous prophylactic measures in younger years. However, associated with this are age-specific diseases, such as tooth neck caries, bone-height loss, erosions, periodontitis etc., which in turn, can only be countered by a professional prophylactic concept and well-trained prophylaxis specialists. The original investment costs quickly paid for themselves in our practice and the prophylactic area has become a profitable business generator.

Tooth polishing 

With the oscillating movement of the contra-angled polishing handpiece 2933, the polishing paste adheres to the polishing cup during treatment. The paste does not fly away, but remains present, with full cleaning power. The relatively small head of the contra-angled, prophylactic handpiece, allows improved access to the work area.  

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