RONDOflex plus 360

The Air-Abrasion-System with spray for many indications

The Air-Abrasion-System with additional water supply and reduced powder contamination.


KaVo RONDOflex plus Air-Abrasion-System

The powerful and gentle method

Defined powder particles are accelerated to high speed (20 m/sec) in an air stream. When these particles strike the area to be processed, tooth substance is removed accurately through kinetic energy.


With additional water supply

  • Reduced powder contamination
  • Substantially smaller debris radius
  • More easily removable corundum particles
  • More convenient treatment

KaVo RONDOflex plus - so strong. So clean. So efficient.

Surface of the cavity


Surface of the cavity under 500 x magnification. The surface structure is roughened uniformly over the entire cavity.

Cavity after blasting

Cavity after blasting for 60 seconds with 50 µm powder. Very good abrasive power and clear contours are recognisable.

KaVo DIAGNOdent pen

The occurrence of caries has changed in recent years. Increasingly, they are destroying the tooth from the inside without being visible from the outside. A clear case for KaVo DIAGNOdent pen and RONDOflex plus. Caries has no chance against this team. Once you have diagnosed caries at an early stage with DIAGNOdent pen, RONDOflex plus puts its strengths to use: you can open the cavity precisely and in a targeted manner. With best possible protection of healthy tooth substance. KaVo RONDOflex plus and KaVo DIAGNOdent pen - simply a perfect team.


A perfect team

Once you have identified caries in an early stage with DIAGNOdent pen, then RONDOflex steps in to apply its strength: you open the cavity at precisely the targeted spot - while ensuring the best possible protection for healthy dental matter at the same time.

KaVo DIAGNOdent pen

Identified early.

KaVo RONDOflex plus

Gently opened up.

Caries romoved

Caries removed.

KaVo RONDOflex plus - rotatable through 360°

Rotatable through 360°

This means problem-free work even at difficult to reach areas in every quadrant.

KaVo RONDOflex plus - powerful

Controlled 3.2 bar

The intelligent technology increases the pressure of your unit by 20%, i.e. from 2.8 bar to 3.2 bar - but is still just as powerful as when operated with 6 bar.

KaVo RONDOflex plus - Quality


High-quality materials used in manufacture, such as ceramic, tungsten carbide and high-alloy steel protect RONDOflex from highly abrasive powders.

KaVo RONDOflex plus - light in the hand

Light in the hand

The convenient power packet weighs only 200 g.

KaVo RONDOflex plus - fully washable

Fully washable

KaVo RONDOflex is fully washable in a thermal disinfector and sterilisable at 135° in an autoclave.

KaVo RONDOflex plus - multiflexibel


KaVo RONDOflex fits the MULTIflex coupling and can therefore be used immediately on any treatment unit. Without additional equipment or connections.


KaVo RONDOflex plus - Features

  • Highly efficient, clean work, light-weight, accurate and with the best possible protection of healthy tooth substance.
  • Gentle treatment without drilling, without injection, without noise, without vibrations and without an unpleasant sensation in the mouth: pleasant for your patient, particularly for sensitive patients, children and young people.
  • Incomparable flexibility through problem-free use at various workplaces thanks to MULTIflex coupling: simply push on and start. Without additional equipment.Without additional connections. Without inconvenient assembly.
  • With additional water supply.
  • Including 2 cannulae.

KaVo RONDOflex plus - Indications

  • Minimally invasive cavity preparation.
  • Opening and expansion of fissures - occlusal and buccal.
  • Removal of deep discolourations in the dental enamel.
  • Roughening of the adhesive surfaces of crowns, bridges, brackets and pins.
  • Removal of cement residues from crowns, bridges and brackets.

KaVo RONDOflex plus cannula


For improved access to cavities in the molar region:

  • 90° small (0.46 mm)
  • 90° large(0.64 mm)
  • 110° small (0.46 mm)
  • 110° large (0.64 mm)


The abrasive power is a question of the powder

Choice between two corundum powders of different grades - clearly colour coded.


27 µm for lower abrasive power

27 µm powder



Dose_27ml.jpg ENDOadvance


50 µm for greater abrasive power

50 µm powder



50 µm powder

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