SONICflex cem

KaVo SONICflex cem (restorative): Tip forseating a laboratory restoration with gentle sonic vibrations

SONICflex cem tip no. 12

cem_titel.jpg SONICflex cem



Tip forseating a laboratory restoration with gentle sonic vibrations.


The problem

Marginal adaptation: Its quality will be decided in the few minutes in which the prosthesis is inserted. An irregular marginal adaptation impairs the quality and life of the inlay.


The solution

The KaVo SONICflex cem tip (0.571.5431) with plastic cap for gentle and precise insertion of inlays. It is specially covered.




cem_zahn.jpg SONICflex cem



  • Best possible marginal adaptation through seating with vibration at audible frequency: for ceramic inlays/onlays/veneers and cast gold inlays plus partial crowns. The risk of secondary caries is thus reduced.
  • Gentle movements: the vibrating method brings the laboratory-produced restoration exactly into position.
  • Rounded protective cap for seating without damage - even in poorly accessible areas.

Inserting the SONICflex prep cem tip

The respective working end is screwed into the SONICflex handpiece using the torque wrench enclosed in the delivery, until it snaps in place audibly.

The tip is now securely attached to the handpiece.

If the SONICflex handpiece is to remain on the treatment centre with tip attached, it is recommended to leave the torque wrench in place such that the working end poses no risk of injury.




SONICflex cem tip no. 12

sonicflex-prep-cem-12.jpg SONICflex cem


  • Therapy: gentle and secure placement of inlays
  • Form: rounded plastic cover
  • Order number: 0.571.5431
    (compatible with SONICflex 2000 N / L, 2003 / L) 
  • Order number: 1.006.2021
    (compatible with SONICflex 2008 / L, 2008 S / LS)
  • Order number: 0.571.7142
    CEM attachment


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