You won’t fail to be impressed

Your powerful universal dental instrument – for the complete range of Microdentistry from prophylaxis to surgery.

The KaVo SONICflex air scaler is certainly the dental instrument with the broadest range of use in Microdentistry. With a simple twist, for efficient working.

SONICflex_Quick_2008L.jpg SonicFlex

KaVo SONICflex Air Scaler - You won’t fail to be impressed

KaVo SONICflex Air Scaler is certainly the dental instrument with the broadest range of use in dentistry:

  • Prophylaxis
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Minimally invasive caries therapy
  • Surgery
  • Preparation


High versatility – developed to a fine point

The wide range of options offered by the SONICflex air scaler will soon make it one of your most-used instruments. Choose the right tip for your needs from the wide range of types.

High versatility – main features and advantages

  • More than 50 tips and more indications than any other air-scaler
  • For every application
  • Ensuring successful minimally invasive treatment

KaVo SONICflex - You won’t fail to be impressed.

Gentle treatment – comfortable for your patients

The KaVo SONICflex offers your patients much gentler treatment. The low noise and wide elliptical strokes minimise the development of heat. In addition, tooth tissue is protected, as the handpiece operates with a low application pressure on the tooth. At all performance levels, treatment with the KaVo SONICflex is noticeably more pleasant and conserves healthy tooth tissue.

  • Pleasant treatment
  • Preserves tooth tissue
  • Gentle oscillations, particularly suitable for pain-sensitive patients
  • Low heat generation

Patients who are treated comfortably enjoy coming back.

Specialists who offer you support every day


anwendung_2003L_kopf SONICflex

For whatever treatment options are offered in your practice. The extensive tip selection of the KaVo SONICflex system allows you to always have the correct handpiece solution.

Choose your personal assortment of tips and expand it as necessary.

This allows for perfect results in all treatment situations - so easy and gentle for your patients!

Our top performance – from prophylaxis, periodontology and endodontics to minimally invasive caries therapy and preparation to surgical applications.


Prophylaxis and periodontology

SONICflex scaler
  • A variety of tips for tenacious calculus removal
  • Clean shallow pockets

SONICflex paro

  • Different tips for minimally invasive, gentle and efficient cleaning of periodontal pockets up to 9 mm deep

SONICflex rootplaner

  •  For easily processing of difficult-to-access or narrow furcations


SONICflex clean

  • Wide spectrum vibrating brush
  • For gentle cleaning and polishing

SONICflex implant

  • Effective removal of subgingival plaque and calculus
  • No abrasion, no roughening
  • Disposable cleaning attachment to prevent the transmission of diseases


SONICflex endo – a special line of tips for:
  • Probing for canals
  • Removing soft materials during revision
  • Fashioning canal inlets
  • Shaping the pulp chamber for coronal root preparation
  • Cleaning and rinsing of root canal (tip 96 available in ISO sizes 0.15, 0.20 and 0.25)


SONICflex retro

  • Retrograde root preparation with contra-angle, diamond-coated tips
  •  Prevention of root damage from hairline cracks, support of tooth stability, protection of the periapical bone
  • Preparation along a precise axis

Minimally invasive caries therapy

SONICflex microinvasive
  • Special tip system for small, difficult-to-access lesions in the proximal region
  • Tips diamond-coated on one side allow direct access to initial lesions from an occlusal or buccal direction
  • Maintenance of healthy tooth substance

SONICflex bevel

  • Tips diamond-coated on one side for the precise bevelling of prepared small lesions
  • Optimisation of adhesion
  • Minimisation of the marginal gap



SONICflex seal

  • Preparation of fissures
  • The perfect complement to the KaVo DIAGNOdent

SONICflex cariex D + TC

  • Minimally-invasive removal of carious dentine
  • Cariex TC: Removal of large carious lesions
  • Cariex D: for small carious lesions with the ability to shape the cavity


SONICflex prep gold
  • Preparation tips diamond coated on one side for finishing the edges of cavities, specially developed for gold inlays and partial crowns
  • The attachment geometry for gold inlays and partial crowns is precisely transferred
SONICflex prep ceram
  • For inlays/onlays
  • For finishing the margins of cavities; directly transfers the geometry of the tips to the tooth substance
  • No more undercuts with laboratory-fabricated inlays and onlays



SONICflex prep CAD/CAM

  • Ideal shaping of the cavity margins for CAD/CAM systems such as EVEREST and CEREC

SONICflex prep crown

  • For perfectly fine-finished crown preparations

SONICflex cem

  • Gentle and precise insertion of inlays
  • Reduction of the marginal gap


SONICflex bone
  • Can be used in many areas of bone treatment (osteotomies, augmentation, extractions and sinus lift)

SONICflex bone tip 85 (membrane disc)

  • This disc-shaped form makes it ideal for reliably and gently repositioning the Schneider membrane during a sinus lift 85



SONICflex bone tip 86 (bone harvester) 

  • Ideal for easily and quickly harvesting a greater amount of bone, especially useful during a sinus lift procedure

SONICflex bone tip 87 (saw)

  • Ideal for precise, extremely narrow incisions, when cutting ligaments etc.
SONICflex_stehend SONICflex quick

SONICflex quick 2008 / L

Air scaler KaVo SONICflex - You won’t fail to be impressed

Air scaler KaVo SONICflex is certainly the dental instrument with the broadest range of use in dentistry.

SONICflex_2003_beide Dental-Instrumente: SONICflex

SONICflex 2003 / L

Air scaler KaVo SONICflex - You won’t fail to be impressed

KaVo SONICflex is certainly the dental instrument with the broadest range of use in dentistry.