Children's dentistry

Discover the various study and tooth models of KaVo

Here you can find all information about our realistic KaVo study and tooth models with all their features for children. Perfectly prepared for practice!

kinder_ok_uk.jpg Periodontics Study Models_kinder_ok_uk

The KaVo children's models are also very realistic and have the following features:

  • Reproduction of a natural dentition

  • Mixed dentition (20 primary teeth and 4 molars)

  • 24 interchangeable teeth

  • Soft gingiva, not interchangeable

  • Can be mounted in all KaVo craniums with jaw system

Very suitable for training for typical work, such as preparation exercises, filling therapy, children's crowns and fissure sealing.


kinder_seite.jpg Children Study Models_Kindermodell_seite

  • Delivery mounted in labelled, reusable cardboard packaging

  • PVC gingiva in natural colour

  • Baseplate for fixing model in patient simulator (by M6 screw or magnet)

  • Teeth with natural morphology


kinder_unterseite.jpg Children Study Models_Kindermodell_Unterseite

  • Preclinical training for treatment of children's teeth under realistic conditions

  • Teeth interchangeable

  • Fits all KaVo craniums with denture

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