3D eXam+

3D for Highest Requirements

KaVo 3D eXam generates high quality 3D images with less radiation dose than a standard 2D pan. For easy and fast workflow.

3dexam.jpg 3D eXam+

KaVo 3D eXam+

  • QuickScan+ for high quality 3D images with less
    radiation dose than a standard 2D pan
  • Visual iQuity for optimized image quality in 3D
  • SmartScan STUDIO new touchscreen interface
    for easy and fast workflow
  • Ergonomic Stability System (ESS) patient positioning
    system to minimize patient movement and
    prevent artifacts


Your benefits at a glance

3dexam_6x8.jpg 3D eXam+

6 x Ø 8 cm

3dexam_13x15.jpg 3D eXam+

13 x Ø 15 cm

High image quality. Minimized radiation dose

  • 3D images with outstanding clarity thanks to new Visual iQuityTM imaging technology using specific algorithms for image optimizing
  • 3D exposure with significantly lower radiation dose due to Quickscan+ low dose technology. Particularly useful for sensitive cases like post surgery images, implant planning or for pediatric exposures


Maximum flexibility. Maximum individuality

  • Maximum flexibility with FoV sizes from 8 x Ø 8 cm via
    2 – 13 x Ø 16 cm up to the optional 17 x Ø 23 cm
  • Maximum individuality with voxel sizes from 125 μm to 400 μm for indication related selection of dose and diagnostic image quality

Optimized ergonomics. Highest operational comfort

  • Stable patient positioning for highest acquisition comfort due
    to Ergonomic Stability System (ESS). Positioning aids like laser beams and a safe fixation of the patient’s head prevent the loss of image quality due to movement artifacts
  • Easy and fast operation with a user-friendly operational concept and the new SmartScan touchscreen
  • i-Collimator for free selection of the FoV height supported by a scout view image


3dexam_screen.jpg 3D eXam+

More efficiency with OnDemand3D Dental

The perfect imaging Software for professional 3D image analysis with application tools from advanced image examination via implant planning up to planning of surgical guides.


  • Indication related planning and treatment views
  • Large implant manufacturer library
  • Powerful implant planning
  • Precise preparation of surgical interventions
  • High quality 3D volume-rendering for presentations and
    patient communication 
  • Comprehensive measurement and treatment tools
  • Efficient reporting and analysis function
  • Optional application modules (e.g. Fusion, In2Guide)


Technical Specification  
X-Ray tube High frequency, constant level, 90-120 kVp,
3-8 mA (pulsed)
Beam profile Cone Beam
Focal spot 0.5 mm
Image receptor Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel, 20 x 25 cm
Voxel sizes 125 μm - 400 μm
Acquisiton time 4.8 s - 26.9 s
Volume sizes
(Ø x H)
4 -13 x 16 cm, 23 cm x 17 cm
DICOM support Yes
Gray levels 14 bit acquisition
Collimation automatic
Patient position seated
Reconstruction time < 1 minute
Standard file size < 50 MB
IT infrastructure requirements A network connection to a separate practice server is required to store the 3D volume data (Windows Server system minimum Windows Server 2008 required). For 3D diagnostics OnDemand3D Dental or other 3D software can be used. Please check the corresponding hardware requirements of the 3D software. The management software SmartScan STUDIO™ requires Windows 7 or higher.


Article Material number
KaVo 3D eXam+ 0.830.8000
OnDemand3D Dental Office 0.805.0312
In2Guide 0.805.1922


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