Raios-X Panorâmico e Teleradiográfico Odontológico

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Sistema digital de imagem panorâmica e Sistema digital de imagem cefalométrica

A imagem perfeita é tão dependente do posicionamento do paciente e do suporte como características técnicas dos equipamentos ou especificações da estação de trabalho. O Orthopantomograph ® combina todos os fatores possíveis para o seu benefício para garantir uma imagem perfeita.

OP300 with MAXIO


Confiável e fácil de usar.

A plataforma 3 em 1 combina um sistema avançado de imagem. Com três sensores (pan, tele e 3D) e comandos em tela touchscreen, o equipamento realiza cinco imagens panorâmicas com somente uma aquisição.

2D Panoramic / OPG X-Ray Devices from KaVo, Gendex and Instrumentarium (OPG dental)

Panoramic imaging became popular after the now KaVo sister company PaloDEx introduced the first Orthopantomograph© to the public in 1961. The abbreviation OPG or sometimes OPT or OPTG are directly derived from this product name. With this exceptional experience in development and engineering, KaVo is now able to offer a spectrum of OPG systems to the market.

For detailed, effective, and consistent diagnostics, KaVo’s OPG dental systems are the solution for your dental practice. Our full range of OPG dental products supports comprehensive, diverse and detail-oriented diagnostic analysis of the jaw and oral cavity.

Investing in KaVo’s quality diagnostic and OPG equipment will enhance your dental practice and lead to improved treatment outcomes for your patients.

The KaVo Pan eXam system is a high-performing OPG and panoramic dental x-ray system that provides clear image quality while boasting simplicity, reliability and efficiency for your staff and patients. This product’s patented V-Shape Beam Technology epitomizes KaVo commitment and history of significant innovation in OPG diagnostics. Perfect for daily diagnostic activities at your office, this product supports better imaging and guarantees a clear and homogenous image. The digital navigation is user friendly and very simple for your staff to learn how to operate. The Pan eXam has a comfortable five-point positioning system is easily adjustable and can accommodate every patient.

With its innovation and exciting new design, the Instrumentarium OP30 is a cut above the competition in OPG x-ray systems. We are proud of the efficiency of this model, which includes a touch screen for succinct and reliable operation. In addition to its emphasis on specificity and detail in diagnostic image quality, the Instrumentarium OP30 is also highly adjustable and adaptable for patients of various heights and sizes.

This OPG x-ray system features optimal image geometry for a more realistic diagnostic image. Additional features include a high-resolution CCD imaging sensor and adjustable anterior layer position to optimize visibility and significantly enhance image quality with three positioning lights. Choosing a higher quality of diagnostic equipment can result in saving time and money in the long run.

The Gendex GXDP-300 digital OPG panoramic x-ray system was truly crafted with the dental practitioner in mind. The EasyPosition system and instructive alignment guides offer patient comfort and stability, catering to a wide diversity of patients. The scanning process, facilitated by a touchscreen control panel, reduces undesired movement while optimizing accuracy and speed of results.

If you are looking for a proven leader in OPG x-ray systems, consider the Instrumentarium OP200D. In addition to the patient positioning systems found in other KaVo products, the OP200D is able to individualize the radiation dose for each patient. The system measures patient bone thickness and uses that information to determine ideal exposure dose. This OPG dental system also features the Ortho Zone program, which can be used for two common dental imaging issues, including the presence of metal in the condyle and the need for a wide anterior layer in patients with malocclusio

For consistent product quality, the choice is clear. Choose KaVo to help meet and exceed the goals you’ve set for your dental practice.