Tomógrafo Odontológico

Referências no mercado.

Tecnologia 2D e 3D em equipamentos perfeitos para o tratamento de pacientes. 



Sistema de raio-x cone beam. Realize suas tomografias de um modo rápido, fácil e rentável.

Tomógrafo referência no mercado, o I-CAT oferece diversas possibilidades para sua clínica e assistência de primeira qualidade a seus pacientes: obtenha uma visão completa de todas as regiões buco-maxilo faciais e as informações fundamentais de diagnóstico.

Benefits of the KaVo 3D X-Ray machines / 3D CBCT

For technologically sophisticated, highly accurate, precise and lasting 3D X-ray equipment, KaVo is sure to be your brand of choice. Look to our tested and celebrated array of 3D CBCT X-ray units for fast, detailed and reliable results every time. For accurate 2D and 3D X-ray devices, KaVo has your dental practice covered. Our machines reflect our commitment to understanding and designing products that address the specific needs of our customers with practicality and efficiency. With low dosage technology, the KaVo OP300 Maxio is fashioned to optimize your clients’ safety and comfort while still providing the positioning and stability for the highest quality of X-ray images. With a low radiation dosage, professionals and the clients that they serve can experience reduced health risk. With an admirable flexibility level due to 5 Fields of View (FOV), this piece of 3D X-ray equipment boasts a reliable intuitive operation system with a simplified touch screen for professionals looking to operate better equipment without complicated directions or a long learning curve.

KaVo Pan eXam Plus 3D 3-in-1 CBCT unit generates consistently high quality 3D X-ray results. By aiming to reduce the presence and effects of excessive radiation, the innovative metal artifact reduction (MAR) technology of KaVo’s Pan eXam Plus 3D facilitates a rigorous assessment of all that it examines, particularly in the imaging of teeth with filled root canals. With this piece of dental 3D X-ray equipment, health professionals will readily discern the difference with its higher and more detailed style of image quality, enabled by its V-Shape Beam and Multilayer Pan technology that makes detail and specificity in imagery an expectation rather than an exception. Our substantial and diverse array of CBCT X-ray units also feature KaVo’s 3D eXam+ Dental Imaging System. Through its skillful and balanced symbiosis of our latest 3D X-ray technology and ergonomic design, this system is an imaging solution that facilitates clear images by providing the best of technology and efficiency of both worlds.

Designed to enhance the diagnostic and preparatory phase of a diverse array of dental procedures, this examination equipment has the power to enhance the outcome and final results of many procedures including implantology, surgery, orthodontics and preservative dentistry by providing a strong start to the process through detailed image analysis. With KaVo’s 3D eXam+ System, your clients will be able to look forward to satisfying results every time. With all of KaVo’s CBCT X-ray units, our engineers and experts strive to create “smarter” products that significantly reduce the amount of radiation that a client might be exposed to during a traditional CT scan. By reducing the amount of radiation and eliminating excessive exposure, professionals and their patients can enjoy a healthier experience and equipment becomes more energy-friendly and consequently more economical when it comes to long term use.