My Life. My Work. My Style.

You will find all the functions that you need on your KaVo dental chair. Direct keys without double allocation guide you intuitively to your goal – no time-consuming familiarisation and no tiresome searching for functions during treatment. In conjunction with the clearly designed screen and the KaVo colour scheme, this will guarantee a smooth workflow and will allow you to have more effective treatment time.

e50_frau_auf_balkon_neu.jpg E50

This is my lifestyle and this is how I want to work

Your lifestyle bears your signature, continue this in your practice. With your own concepts, preferences and expectations. Focus on the areas that are important to you and feel the support of a high-quality dental chair which optimally supports your work procedures.

The KaVo ESTETICA E50 Life. Simple to use.
Simple to expand. Simply reliable.

So start living!



KaVo Dental Chair E50

All the innovations at a glance - Visibly new. Noticeably gentle.

  • Streamlined chair design
  • Optimised soft upholstery form
  • New colour cognac
  • All device components in modern dental white
  • Higher max. patient weight up to 185 kg
  • Integrated Trendelenburg movement for patient comfort
  • Extended highest/lowest positions

Patient communication. Ready to go:

  • KaVo ERGOcam One, the easy to use intraoral camera
  • New high resolution screens: KaVo Screen HD, 19” and 22”

CONEXIO system software. Less searching. More finding:

  • You can control your patient communication from
    the dentist element
  • Installation preparation for KaVo ERGOcam One,
    KaVo DIAGNOcam 2170 U and Leica dental microscope M320
  • Plug & Play for new device connections
  • Automatic data backup
  • Easy control via dentist element (limited) and KaVo foot control (for KaVo ERGOcam One and KaVo DIAGNOcam 2170 U)

ssts_1412-6254_neu_4c_RGB E50Life m. Beschriftung

Working intuitively, from the beginning

Just get started! You will find all the functions that you need on your KaVo dental chair.

Direct keys without double allocation guide you intuitively to your goal – no time-consuming familiarisation and no tiresome searching for functions during treatment.

In conjunction with the clearly designed screen and the tried and tested KaVo colour scheme, you will quickly find your way. This will guarantee a smooth workflow and will allow you to have more effective treatment time.


KaVo Dental Chair ESTETICA E50 Life

Always at your side

You are always able to position your dentist element where it is
most convenient. You will have everything in easy reach and under
control, whether sitting or standing, working alone or with a dental
assistant. Table or swing-arm versions available. Your choice, your

Life is full of changes

Therefore, flexibility will be of ever increasing significance. If the
focus of your treatments should shift over time, changes are easy to implement at any future date, such as retrofitting from five to six
trays or Endo functions.


Equipment options

  TM S
Patient chair    
Patient chair Standard
Patient chair COMPACTchair º º
Soft upholstery
Comfort¹ º º
Double-jointed with push button
Comfort head cushion º º
Arm rest    
Right º º
Left º º
Dentist element    
1. Turbine hose
1. KL Motor 701 × ×
1. KL-Motor 703 LED × ×
Triple function handpiece
Multifunctional handpiece º º
2. Turbine hose º º
2. KL-Motor 701 º º
2. KL-Motor 703 LED º º
Integrated torque control (Endo) º º
COMFORTdrive º º
PiezoLED Ultrasonic scaler º º
MEMOdent multifunction display
Small X-ray image viewer² º º
Panorama X-ray image viewer³ (mounted on the light post) º º
Tray holder US tray × ×
Tray holder for 1 standard tray × ×
Tray holder for 2 standard trays
Spray heating for instruments º º
Physiological saline solution º º
Anti-reflux valve for instruments
USB interface º º
KaVo ERGOcam One º º
KaVo DIAGNOcam 2170 U º º
Assistant element    
with Comfort control element
Spray mist suction
Saliva ejector
2nd Saliva ejector º º
Triple function handpiece º º
Multifunctional handpiece º º
Curing light Satelec MiniLED º º
Support for tray holder º º
Tray holder for DIAGNOdent º º
Swivel and height-adjustable Assistant element
Right/left swivelling and high-adjustable assistant element º º
Suction tube guide º º
Selective support kit º º
Unit body    
Porcelain spittoon bowl × ×
Glass spittoon bowl × ×
Permanent germ reduction⁴
Intensive germ reduction º º
Warm water heater º º
Wireless foot control º º
Supply system    
Water block DVGW × ×
Water block compact × ×
Water bottle DVGW × ×
Low-pressure regulator º º
Additional device connection º º
Disposal system    
External suction × ×
DÜRR amalgam separator × ×
Dürr automatic separator × ×
FSolids collector kit × ×
KaVo PHYSIO Evo/Evo F º º
KaVoLUX 540 LED º º
EDI operating light º º
Lamp mounting pole º º
Patient service box º º
DEKASEPTOL Gel basic set
Hygiene package º º


• Serial equipment (may vary in national versions)  º Optional equipment  × Must be selected


Available only for COMPACTchair patient chair


Not suitable for installation under a worktop


Not available in combination with multimedia


Only with DVGW water block and DVGW water bottle


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