ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

Get in touch with your vision

This dental chair has what you wanted: simpler operation, smooth work processes, modern patient communication, access to patient data, automated hygiene processes. You asked us to retain tried and tested features – such as the unique ergonomic swivel chair concept. It became our vision to develop our best treatment concept in this dental chair – to make the daily routine easier. KaVo dental chair ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision – experience your vision.

Dental chair ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision - Your wishes, our inspiration



Comfort according to individual requirements: The dentist element of the KaVo ESTETICA E70 and E80 Vision is naturally available again as a table, swing* or cart version.

*Available for KaVo ESTETICA E70 Vision

All the innovations at a glance

  • The new dentist element. A simple touch.
    1 Completely new operating concept for quick and direct access to all important functions for time-saving and smooth treatment processes
  • Patient communication. Ready to go.
    2 KaVo ERGOcam One, the easily operated intraoral camera
    3 New high resolution screens: KaVo Screen HD in 22“ and KaVo Screen One in 19“
  • CONEXIO. Less searching. More finding.
    4 System software CONEXIO, the smart data interface in your practice, supports you with useful functions and access to relevant patient data at all times
  • Hygiene. Automated. Integrated.
    5 Hygiene centre with integrated, removable adapter for instrument and suction hoses for time-saving, automatic cleaning and disinfection
  • New design. Visibly modern. Noticeably gentle.
    6 Blue Line Edition in ocean blue or smoke blue
    7 Revised design with device components in modern dental white
  • Suspended chair. Tried and tested.
    8 Blue Line Edition in ocean blue or smoke blue
    9 Revised design with device components in modern dental white
  • Surgery. Unrestricted. Integrated.
    New surgical function with special small and convenient light surgical motor and integrated saline solution pump

vision_von-vorne_seitlich_display_540_led_k4_e80_haupt1_0090ms.jpg ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

Your wish: Maintain the best.
Our answer: Perfecting the wheel!

Innovative KaVo suspended-chair up to 180kgs patient weight and 5-star-light:

  • Ergonomic suspended-chair-concept for considerable legroom (AGR-Award)
  • 5-star light KaVoLUX 540 LED included
  • Patient positioning according to Trendelenburg
  • Optimal highest/lowest position
  • New adjusted arm rests
  • ESTETICA E80 Vision: additional horizontal tracking and seat elevation

Easy to get into and out of the chair

armlehne_blaues_polster.jpg ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

The new arm rests of the KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision make it easier for your patients to get into and out of the chair. They swing downwards and provide support and security during treat- ment, without you having to forgo freedom of movement.


Your wish: Spend less time in menu.
Our answer: Touch!


arztelement_frontal_kamera.jpg ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision
High-quality glass interfaces on the dentist and assistant ensure quick cleaning and improved hygienic features.

Sensitive touch display for quick access to all important functions and information.

  • Completely new design user interface
  • To aid dental workflow
  • Easy to use
  • Logically structured
  • Further functions can be reached by tabs
  • Homescreen can be individually adapted
  • Sound design supports your workflow

A simple touch

With the touch display and its self-explanatory operating logic, you can access all important functions and information without any problems before, during and after treatment. The completely new design of the user interface was specially developed to aid dental workflow. It is clearly designed, logically structured and ensures that you will find it easy to use at all times.

Working modes personalised for you

treatment_main_functions.jpg ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision

Well structured. Easy. Clear. The newly designed user interface of the dentist element.

Your treatment unit should be as individual as you are. You should therefore customise the equipment of your KaVo ESTETICA E70/ E80 Vision for your own personal requirements. Specialisations are no problem at all due to the flexible instrumentation. Equip your dentist and assistant element exactly as you and your team need.

Many functions can be individually adapted to the practitioner, e.g. the name of the practitioner, the types of treatment or the direct key allocation on the start screen.

Further supplementary equipment and extensions are possible at any time thanks to future-oriented interfaces.


The KaVo Hygiene video

The hygienic preparation of the dental chair ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision is carried out in four steps:

In the morning
After treatment
In the evening

The section Cleaning if required contains different cleaning steps. It is possible to select the individual sections directly by navigating on the timeline.



Equipment options

  E80 Vision E70 Vision
  T C T S C
Patient chair          
Soft upholstery
Mot. Horizontal tracking
Mot. seat elevation
Comfort × × × × ×
Progress × × × × ×
Double jointed mechanical
Double-jointed pneumatic º º º
SOMATIC E-motorised º º º º º
Comfort cushion º º º º º
Left º º º º º
Left and right º º º º º
Dentist element          
Touch display
1. Turbine hose
2.–5. Turbine hose º º º º º
1. KL motor 703
2.–5. KL motor 703 º º º º º
Endo function º º º º º
COMFORTbase º º º º º
Triple function handpiece
Multifunctional handpiece º º º
PiezoLED ultrasonic scaler º º º º º
Physiological saline solution º º º º º
Surgical motor S600 LED º º º
Spray heating for instruments
Anti-reflux valve for instruments
Removable handpiece tray
Small X-ray viewer º º º º º
Large X-ray viewer º º º º º
USB interface º º º
Pneumatic brake for arm system º º º
Tray holder for 2 standard trays
Adjustable service table for two standard trays
Service table 1658
Assistant element          
Glass touch panel
Spray mist suction
Saliva ejector
2nd Saliva ejector º º º º º
Triple function handpiece º º º º º
Polymerisation handpiece Satelec Mini LED º º º º º
Support for tray holder º º º º º
Height-adjustable arm
Removable handpiece tra
Unit Body          
Glass spittoon bowl × × × × ×
Porcelain spittoon bowl × × × × ×
Motor-driven, pivoting spittoon º º º
Hygiene centre
Permanent germ reduction
Intensive disinfection
Hydroclean (rinsing system)
DEKAmat and OXYmat
Warm water boiler
Wireless foot control º º º º º
Supply system          
Water block DVGW
Additional device connections º º º º º
CENTRAmat º º º º º
Disposal system          
External suction
DÜRR amalgam separator º º º º º
Dürr automatic separation unit º º º º º
Operating light          
KaVoLUX 540 LED º º º º º
Operating light mounting post º º º º º
Patient communication          
KaVo Screen One º º º º º
KaVo Screen HD º º º º º
CONEXIO º º º º º
KaVo ERGOcam One intraoral camera º º º º º
KaVo DIAGNOcam º º º º º


•  Serial equipment   º  Optional equipmen   ×  Must be selected   –  Not available


Instructions for use
Conformity Statements
Care instructions
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