The KaVo MULTI LED is the easiest and quickest way to convert to LED illumination.

LED for all instruments – as usual, uniform light for all applications

multiflex-led.jpg MULTI LED


KaVo MULTI LED - the best way to achieve perfect light

The KaVo MULTI LED is especially tailored to your needs.

In addition to optimal light quality for your instruments, the KaVo MULTI LED offers the easiest, most flexible and economical way to control the LED light, on the market.

LEDs are everywhere, but only the LED by KaVo provides superior dental illumination.




Main features and advantages for you

1. Easy and flexible

  • Simply exchange the high-pressure, quartz halogen bulb with the KaVo MULTI LED
  • Easily retrofit your dental treatment centres from a single surgery to the entire practice
  • No downtime or repair time: independently exchange the LED in your practice

2. Economical

  • You do not have to buy new couplings, new motors or new handpieces
  • The service life of the KaVo LED is several times that of the high-pressure, quartz halogen bulb

3. Superior light

  • Colour temperature similar to daylight
  • Optimum focus from integrated optics
  • No blinding glare from scattered light

LED for all instruments – as usual, uniform light for all applications.


KaVo LED Compatibility

PDF iconYou can find here a list of the treatment centres meeting the correct conditions for KaVo MULTI LED

The KaVo MULTI LED is the easiest and quickest way to convert to LED illumination.

The KaVo MULTI LED can be easily exchanged with existing high-pressure, quartz halogen bulbs. The effort and risk of testing the advantages of an LED light source are virtually non-existent.

  • Hochdrucklampe herausnehmen, LED in Lampenfassung stecken, fertig
  • Remove the high-pressure lamp, insert the LED in the lamp socket, and you are ready to go
  • The exchange can easily be done in the dental practice
  • A service technician is not required  
  • No downtime or time lost for repairs since the KaVo LED can be changed directly on sight
  • Make sure that the poles match. If the LED shines red or not at all, TURN the LED around
  • The best way to try the LED; and if you don't like it, just put the high-pressure lamp back in

Removal of the lamp for motor types KL700, K196, K192, K190 and 181L







LED Competitor A


LED Competitor B

Optimum visibility from superior light quality

  • Daylight-like colour temperature that is easy on the eyes
    - typically 5.500° K
  • Optimum illumination 
    genuine 25,000 Lux at the bur tip
  • With the KaVo LED, the illumination is about 15% stronger than the high-pressure lamp
  • The integrated lens system provides ideal illumination and focusing of the preparation field
    • and eliminates annoying haloes
    • the adapted light input eliminates loss from scattered light
    • clearly visible preparation margin


Compared to other dental handpiece LEDs on the market, the KaVo LED is clearly different. The KaVo Multi LED is brilliantly impressive and possesses a neutral colour-temperature, equivalent to that of natural daylight. In addition, its intensity can be individually moderated on all KaVo Treatment Centres, which currently feature a light intensity adjustment.

Technical information

Lamp socket fitting tailored to KaVo MULTIflex and KaVo LUX motors. Please observe correct orientation to ensure correct electrical polarity. If the LED shines red or not at all, remove and rotate the LED through 180 degrees, then replace.


  • Semiconductor LED
  • Optimal 25,000 Lux illumination
  • Daylight neutral 5,500 K colour temperature
  • Voltage range 3.0 - 3.6 V DC
  • Nominal voltage 3.4 V DC
  • Current < 120 mA


Your KaVo MULTIflex LUX couplings, KaVo LUX motors and the KaVo MULTI LED are supplied with electricity via your dental treatment centre.
Make sure that the above connection ratings correspond to your dental treatment centre. A list of those treatment centres meeting the correct conditions for the KaVo MULTI LED can you find here.

For other KaVo treatment units, a complete conversion of the voltage setting and hence the entire unit to LED is required.

A solution that is just as flexible as the KaVo MUTLI LED for KaVo MULTIflex LUX will soon be available.

The KaVo MULTI LED works on numerous competitor units with the KaVo MULITflex LUX coupling.

For the LED to work properly, a voltage range of 3.0 – 3.6 VDC is required.

Since KaVo is unaware of the voltage settings of treatment units offered by other suppliers, KaVo cannot ensure proper operation.

KaVo MULTI LED (1.007.5372)
KaVo MULTIflex LUX 465 LED (1.007.3197)


  • All KaVo MULTIflex LUX couplings
  • KaVo INTRA LUX motors (KL702, KL701, KL700, K200, K201, SL550, K196, K192, K190)
  • KaVo INTRAmatic air motor 181L
  • KaVo COMFORTbase
  • KaVo Multifunction handpieces
  • KaVo PIEZOlux
  • KaVo SONOsoft

Easy and flexible

The KaVo MULTI LED is the easiest and quickest way to convert to LED illumination.

Instructions for use
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