For Unlimited Versatility

KaVo INTRA™ LUX heads fit on all KaVo MASTERmatic™ low-speed contra-angles and provide the right head for any procedure.  Simple and quick—KaVo INTRA LUX heads offers you a comprehensive set of options for all applications.

intra-lux_L62_gross INTRA heads

Endodontics - INTRA LUX Heads

L62, L3 and L3 Y
intra-lux_L31_gross INTRA heads

Prophylaxis / Special Applications - INTRA LUX Heads

L61 G, L61 R and L31
intra-lux_L68B_gross INTRA heads

Restoration / Endodontics - INTRA LUX Heads

L68 B and L66 B
intra-lux_L68_gross INTRA heads

Restoration - INTRA LUX Heads

L68 B, L67 and L80
intra-lux_L22_gross INTRA heads

Microsurgery - INTRA LUX Head